150 Years of Lawrence College Ghora Gali

Lawrence ghora gali college of Pakistan

Lawrence College Ghora Gali was established in 1860 by Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence basically as a school for the children of the British soldiers who died while serving or were in service in India. This small school with only 4 students in the beginning now produces 700 students every year.

It is the oldest boarding school in Pakistan and is more of a school for the elites. The 150 year old grand structure stands tall and proud amongst the picturesque settings in the foothills of Himalayas. It occupies an area of 140 acres and has a hospital and a church on its premises. The school has produced doctors, engineers, politicians, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and educationalists.

The students known as the “Gallians” excel at studies as well as extra curricular activities. The school emphasizes on character building and the students are taught to strive and succeed as “Never Give In” is the motto of the school. It is not only about the beautiful location of this school, it is also about the quality of education it offers. It can be said very easily that this school is one of the best schools in Pakistan as far as the quality of education Lawrence College Ghora Gali imparts is concerned. 

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  2. zaheer kazim says:

    Lawrence College is the oldest public school in the country and takes precedence over Aitchison College,Lahore. This should have been mentioned in your blog about the best schools of the land. And LCGG is NOT an elitist school as you write here; in fact it Aitchison College that wins this title.

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