Popular Singer, Sitcom Director and Actor Jawad Bashir

Jawad Bashir

Jawad Bashir is one of the most talented modern era artists from Pakistan. He is involved not only with acting but has also tried and well succeeded with his skills in singing and direction. Like many other popular artists he has also spent his educational life at National College of Arts, Lahore.

His Early Works “VJ”

Jawad Bashir has used his Alma matter as a place for his new production known as “VJ”. He has carried out this endeavor with his friends. Most notable among that group of friends is Ahsan Khan who is not only a musician but is also working with special effects and direction. This show was liked by the majority and this is where he gained all his popularity from.

Jawad Bashir a Musician

He later moved on to making sitcoms. He gained much popularity as a sitcom director through his work. National College of Arts – his former educational institute, was put to use for each of his sitcoms. Other than the sitcom direction he also kept himself busy with a music band known as “Dr. Aur Billa” and has made many humorous songs in collaboration with that band.

His Popular Directions

Jawad Bashir has also been appreciated as a trendy video director. Not only has he made wonderful videos but he has also made a million viewers laugh with their production. His work involves use of quality humor. His videos can come across as funny without being lame. “Teen Bata Teen”, “Shashlik”, “Wrong Number” and “Motor Challah Pum Pum” are a few sitcoms, directed by Jawad Bashir, that were great hits.

Famous actor and anchor of Pakistan: Noor-ul-Hassan

Popular Actor and anchor of Pakistan- Noor ul hassan

Noor-ul-Hassan is a famous actor and anchor on the state owned Pakistan Television (PTV). He became popular with a sitcom “Wrong Numbers” directed by Jawad Bashir. After establishing himself as an actor, Noor switched over to hosting. Noor –ul-Hassan hosted a game show Fungama on PTV; it was an informative show and was well-liked by the audience. After hosting that program for a considerable time, Noor went back to acting but this time he chose to do dramas on the private channels.

Noor proved himself as an actor by doing diverse roles. Some dramas in which famous TV actor of Pakistan Noor performed are Anokhi on A Plus, Naina on Indus Vision, Thodi Si Khushiyan on Hum TV and Dassi on ATV. After trying his hands on serious acting, Noor started acting in sitcoms on the private channels. Among his sitcoms, Couples and Half Set were quite a success especially Half Set in which his co-workers were veteran actress Samina Ahmed and comedy king Ismail Tara.

Noor-ul-Hassan is an excellent host too; he is confident and intelligent and easily draws people into conversation. His comparing in the PTV awards show was applauded by all and although he was not given a script but still he managed to entertain people with his intelligence and wit.

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