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Pakistan is an amazing country with rich history, diverse culture, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, contrasting climate, important historical landmarks and warm and friendly people. Unfortunately as the saying goes “bad news travels fast”, Pakistan is often in the  international news because of some unpleasant incident .  Every country has its moments of triumph and also its share of problems; due to the biased attitude of some international channels, problems of Pakistan remain highlighted while the areas of triumphs and pride take a back seat. At Pakistan 360 Degrees, we have made a humble attempt to tell our side of the story.  This website was solely created to show the world that despite the problems it faces, Pakistan is still a beautiful and a modern country which is on its way to progress.  Nature has blessed this country with spectacular sights and sounds and it is also the home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

In  Pakistan there is no dearth of talent whether it is sports or performing arts.  On Pakistan 360 Degrees we have covered almost everything that makes Pakistan  unique such as cuisine, handicrafts, historical landmarks, modern buildings and the beautiful plains, valleys and other spectacular geographical features. However we have concentrated more on performing arts.  By the grace of God Pakistan has progressed a lot in terms of performing arts. Our artists and singers are known all over the world and Pakistani dramas are eagerly watched across the globe.  We want to show the world how immensely talented Pakistani actors and singers are and at the same time it is also the aim of Pakistan 360 Degrees to create awareness of the great work done by the older generation of Pakistani artists and their contributions to make Pakistan TV what it is today.

Pakistan 360 Degrees has everything a reader needs to know about Pakistan and gets numerous visitors from Pakistan as well as other nations. Pakistan 360 Degrees is thus an ideal website to advertise with as your products and/or services will get noticed both locally and internationally. Social media has become an attractive option for advertising and promoting business; fortunately we have a strong presence on both Facebook and Twitter which will surely boost your business.

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