Agricultural Products of NWFP (Now KPK)

by on November 11, 2009
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Agricultural Products of NWFP (Now KPK)

NWFP (now KPK- Khyber PakhtoonKhwah) experiences severe cold weather. The heavy snowfall makes farming impossible. In some places people migrate to warmer places as well. As most of the area is mountainous, “terrace farming” is practiced here. In terrace farming, steps are cut out in to steep hills and the edge of the slope is bordered with stone walls called “bunds”. The bunds check water and soil from flowing away.

As agricultural resources are scarce, there is not much agricultural production in KPK.

Fruits mostly dry fruits are grown here. A variety of apples is grown here. Besides apples, apricots and dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and pine nuts are also grown here in abundance. Potato breeding also takes place in the NWFP (KPK). Research is being done on varieties of potatoes.

Among crops small variety of wheat, maize and oilseeds are grown here. Sugarcane and tobacco are grown on a larger scale. Tobacco and sugar cane are the chief cash crops also responsible for the industrialization of the area.

Main areas on which crops are grown are Mansehra, Peshawar, Mardan, Swabi etc.NWFP (KPK) contributes a lot in the production of fruits in Pakistan. A lot of fruits consumed in Pakistan and exported to other countries is grown in KPK.

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  1. Abdur razak Baramosh says:

    i am graduate and potato grower i need full pure seed of Potato for chitral and latest technich of potato sowing in chitral

  2. atiq says:

    asalam o alikum
    I belong to hilly area of batal tehsil & distt Mansehra I want to start some farm activity but have no past experience by profession I m an engineer and during my service I hv visited grapes farms n veg farms in Punjab but I wish to get a successful start I need your help

  3. kalimullah says:

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