Aravalli Range of Pakistan

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Aravalli Range of Pakistan

This range is about 800 kilometers long and is located in Eastern Pakistan in the Punjab and Sindh provinces and Western India. The word Aravalli means ‘line of Peaks’ and the locals call it Mewat hills. The highest peak lies in the southwestern end of the range. Udaipur city is on its south in Rajasthan, with many lakes. Many rivers rise from this range like Luni, Sakhi ans Banas rivers. This range is a very beautiful mountain range located in Pakistan.

The range is the eorded stub of old folded mountains and joins two ancient segments making the Indian Craton.  These ancient mountain folds have stopped growing in height because of the upward thrust due to cease in tectonic plates movement in the crust of the earth under them. Million years of weathering have reduced their heights which is totally opposite to Himalaya mountains which are rising with time.

This range is blessed with mineral resource and has witnessed many years of illegal mining which caused an environemental concern and the government banned in May 2009.

Fact sheet of Aravalli Range in Pakistan
No. Names of Imp. Peaks of Aravalli Range Height of Aravalli Range Peaks (m) Location of Aravalli Range Peaks
1 Guru Shikhar 1,722 Mount Abu
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