Lakes of Pakistan – Banjosa Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Banjosa Lake - Rawalakot, Kashmir.

Location Surface Elevation
20 km from 


Azad Kashmir

1,981 m 

6,499 ft

It is an artificial lake near Rawalakot in the District Pooch, Azad Kashmir. It is situated at an altitude of 1,981 meters. This small man made lake is a very famous tourists spot because of its beautiful view and spectacular gardens with colorful flowers and lovely trees.

It is easily accessible and the road to the lake is very convenient. If you are coming from Rawalpindi, it is a 2-3 hours drive. From Rawalpindi through Kahota you will reach Rawalkot. It is 65 kilometers from Rawalpindi to Rawalakot and then another 12 kilometers to the Banjosa lake. There is another route of Rawalpindi to Mangla and then towards Kotli to Rawalakot. The roads are well maintained and the way is full of natural scenery on every side.

The lake is small but very beautiful with mountains on the sides and lush green gardens full of plantations. It is well kept by the authorities and tourists find it very impressive. The reflection of the dense forests around the lake gives a captivating view. Near this lake there are many other tourists spots like Hussain kot 4 kilometers, Jandali 3 kilometers and Devi gali is 12 kilometers from the Banjosa lake. There is no point missing these places if you have time. The Rawalakot and Bagh have nice motels to stay while you enjoy these lovely spots.

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