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French Beach , Karachi Pakistan

Pakistan is a land which caters to the taste of every tourist. If you are interested in historical sites, you may find many areas of your interest all over the country. The northern areas are a haven for the mountain lovers and trekkers. You can shop till you drop in any of the major cities. And if the sand, sun and sea are your ideas of relaxation, visit the coastlines of Pakistan.

The coastline of Pakistan extends along the provinces of Sindh (250 km) and Baluchistan (800 km). The sandy beaches here provide relief to the locals as they throng the beaches during summers.

Most of the beaches have facilities for the picnickers. You can easily rent a fully furnished hut for a reasonable sum of money for the whole day. Besides swimming the beaches also offer recreations such as horse riding, camel riding, and snake charmers are also there to entertain you with their tricks. You can simply take a stroll down the beach and collect shells. Some beaches have been declared a sanctuary of the endangered green turtle. Crabbing is also done here.

Some famous beaches in Sindh are:

1. French Beach: a private beach for foreigners and members only.
2. Clifton Beach: Highly commercialized with fast food outlets and restaurants.
3. Paradise Point, Hawk’s Bay, Sand’s Pit, Cape Monze: All lie side by side and can be visited in one day.

While beaches in Baluchistan are:

1. Somniani
2. Gawadar
3. Ormara
4. Pasni

The water of Balochistan Beaches is so clear that you can see the fish swimming.

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