Top Five Real-Life Couples Of Pakistan Television


Top Five Real-Life Couples Of Pakistan Television

Rahat Kazmi and Saira Kazmi

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Popular Pakistani TV Actress and Show Host Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan

Popular TV Actress and Show host from Pakistan, Nadia Khan was born on 22 May, 1979, in a Pathan tribe, in Quetta. She started her career from a Mail show, named, Daak Time ,on aired from NTM  in 1996. She was just 24 years old at that time. Nadia used to read out letters to Uncle Sargam in that show. Later on she hosted a music program , based on film music. She is famous for her spontaneous and witty humour and charming personality.

Nadia has always been best in hosting. As an anchor, she did Breakfast with Nadia and Nadia Khan show.her show, the Nadia Khan show, stole the hearts of public and Nadia Khan became the apple of everyone’s eyes. Nadia’s acting skills were extremely appreciated in Bandha, Pal do Pal, Manzilien, Des Pardes, mahrukh and Koi tou ho.

Nadia also did commercials. She did a Cerelac commercial with her son Azaan. The commercial was loved by all. She also did ramp walk in a fashion show.

In 2012 Nadia is working as a producer in Geo TV for her late night show Geo Phir Mazay Se. The show is an Amalgamation of information and entertainment. Nadia has been awarded Masala Lifestyle Award in 2003 and 2009 for best host . Nadia has also won Best actress award in 1998, for her drama Bandhan.


Popular Pakistani Singer Naseem Begum

Naseem Begum

Naseem Begum was born in 1936 in Amritsar, British occupied India. Like all musicians of her time, she also received training to enhance her vocal skills. Naseem Begum got her training from Mukhtar, who was the elder sister of Farida Khanum. Farida is a very famous ghazal singer. Naseem started off as a playback singer in the film industry. She gained fame by the middle of fifties and by 1964 she had bagged several Nigar awards on multiple occasions.

In the year 1956, Naseem did her first song as a playback singer in the film Guddi Gudda. Shehriyar was a very famous music composer of that time. When he heard Naseems voice in the film he was greatly impressed by her abilities and without a second thought approached Naseem to do a song for his movie Begunaah. Naseem did a wonderful job at the song and soon became the voice and most favorite singer in the fifties. She also got the chance to sing multiple duets with the legend Ahmed Rushdi after which she reached the pinnacle of her career.

Classical and semi classical songs are one of the most difficult genres to carry; Naseem had a caliber great enough to sing them flawlessly with much appreciation from great classical legends too. She has sung several heart throbbing songs for the film industry. She also was given an opportunity to sing in Punjabi films such as Chan Puttar, Mukhra Chan Warga and Langotiya along with many others in her career. She has also sung several patriotic songs to praise her country and to promote feeling of patriotism amongst all civilians. She died a sudden death while giving birth due to complications, leaving her fans shocked.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar was born on January 9, 1985, in Karachi Pakistan. Naveen is full of life and fun and happens to be among popular TV actresses of Pakistan in recent times.

Her vivacious and youthful nature helped her a lot when she joined media career. Naveen started off as a Video jockey (VJ) on an interactive music show in AAG TV channel as VJ Fuse. She earned huge fan following through this show and pseudo name. Later, she joined Radio One FM 91, as RJ Naveen Waqar, on Morning Music Chaska show, and became popular as Bohot alaa Girl, due to her excessive use of the phrase ‘Bohot Alaa’.

Naveen’s current radio show on Radio one FM 91, Drive On with Naveen Waqar, is highly popular among youth.

To surprise you more,Naveen is also a singer. And has recently sung a track , ‘Andher’, in collaboration with her singer brother Faraz Waqar Haider.Naveen is also a model.

Her acting career started off with a short telefilm, ‘Absaet ha’. Later, she got a vamp role in Hum TV drama  serial Humsafar as Sara Ajmal. Her acting was highly appreciated in the drama. Nowadays we are enjoying another drama of hers on Geo Tv, Ainee ki ayegy Baraat.

Naveen Waqar is indeed a vibrant girl, full of life. She feels content when she paints or travel.  Naveen is  a total movie freak. She loves to go for movies and have fun with friends.






Popular Pakistani TV and Film Actress Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari

There were extremely few young actresses who served as the last breaths of the dying Pakistani Cinema in the 90’s. Noor Bukhari is one of such young actresses. she was born on July 3rd , 1982 in Lahore. Noor started her career as a child actress in films in the 90’s. Her cute smile, fair complexion, long hair and big eyes were breath taking for her fans.

Noor is a pure Lahori and loves to eat Halwa poori. The top film actress Sana Nawaz is Noor’s cousin. While the model Faaria Bukhari, who also appeared in Nachlay season 3 , is Noor’s sister.

Noor did both Punjabi and Urdu films. Uroosa, Pyar krna tou nai darna, curfew, Jannat, Mujhe chand chahiye, Zill e Shah are some of her popular movies. She appeared firstly , as a childhood role of the leading heroines in the films Uroosa, Pyar krna tou nai darna, Jannat. As a lead actress herself, she debut in 1993, in Mujhe Chand  Chahiye, along with popular Pakistani film actor Shaan as her co-star. Noor was the Judge in musical dance show Nachley Season 3.

After the decline of film industry, Noor started working in dramas, did some modeling and commercials. She also hosted a morning show on Hum TV and PTV channels. Her first show , as a host was with Munaza Ibrahim, tv actress and model, in 2007. Currently, Noor is busy doing a big budget Urdu film Bhai log. The film is in her production phase at the moment.

With the revival of cinema now, talented actresses like Noor Bukhari are needed immensely.



Popular Pakistani TV Actor and Show Host Noor Hasan Ali

Noor Hasan Ali

Luck, sometimes brings a complete package of talent and charm. A smart guy, with great looks to die for, Noor Hasan started his career from FM 101.

Noor Hasan Ali, born on May 16,is a taurian and a pure Islamabadian. He is a multitalented media person. Noor is a Radio Jockey (RJ), Video Jockey (VJ), Host, Actor and Model.

As a VJ, Noor has done shows from ATV, Channel 3, PTV and ARY THE MUSIK. His show Boom On Live , from ATV brought him great fame and success.

Noor has also been awarded as the Best VJ on ATV.

His VJ skills were appreciated and he also got many chances to Host various award shows and other events. Live Transmission Most Wanted, and Music Masti are also hosted by Noor.

Noor, as a Model ,is still struggling and surviving in the Fashion industry of Pakistan.

Noor came into lime light when, he was given the Opponent role in HUM TV Drama Humsafar as Khizar. His acting was highly appreciated. Noor has done many other dramas like Mujhe Roothnay na dena, Mala, Zindagy Jeeyay gi, Mera pehla Vote.

Noor has also acted in a telefilm , named Teray Gmaan main.

Noor Hasan, like all other youngsters is a fun loving person, who, loves to eat fast food, going to movies with friends, and listening to music.


Popular Pakistani TV Actor Qazi Wajid

Qazi Wajid

Pakistan Media Industry should be thankful to Radio for giving it such talented actor as Qazi Wajid. A superbly versatile actor.

Qazi Wajid started his career in 1965, from a childrens’ Programme in Radio. He states Radio his first love. Qazi Wajid has dedicated 47 years of his life to Pakistani Media. Be is Radio, Stage, Theatre, Drama or Film. He has proved his character in every genre.

Qazi Wajid is a versatile actor. From the sweet loving Father in Tanhaiyan to  selfish greedy father in Hawwa ki Beti, Qazi wajid  has tried his best to bring the character to life.

Qazi Wajid began working in PTV from 1967 and had acted in more than 100 plays. Dramas like Khuda ki Basti , Tanhaiyan , Dhoop Kinaray made Qazi Wajid a Real star and  his acting stole the hearts of millions of people.

He was also awarded Pride of Performance for  Hawwa Ki Beti in 1988. And  Best Actor award in the 12th PTV Awards.

As a human being, Qazi Wajid is extremely humble and decent . He is very down to earth and a sophisticated person.

Qazi Wajid is  great supporter of  bringing creative talent in the industry. He encourages the fresh actors and advises them to learn from the old actors, which, he consider as the becon of knowledge.

Nowadays, he travels around the world for doing cross country theatres. He has a passion for collecting antique furniture. He has  one married daughter and is a grandfather of a cute little granddaughter.

Famous Pakistani Television Actor- Rahat Kazmi

Rahat Kazmi

Rahat Kazmi is a television actor, a talk-show anchor, professional speaker, teacher and a social thinker from Pakistan. He was born in Simla, India in 1946. He is married to a famous Pakistani actress, director and producer Sahira Kazmi. He fell in love with Saira during the start of his acting career and then got married to her. He has two children Ali and Nida and both are involved in Pakistan’s show business industry. Rahat’s father was a lawyer by profession who wanted his son to follow his footsteps and therefore he completed his law studies from Lahore.

In 1968 he joined Pakistan Civil Services as an Information Officer. Later in 1976 he resigned from his job and decided to make a career in acting. Rahat’s acting career began in 1965 when he participated in a university program. In 1967 he took part in a television quiz show known as Mayaar, He also gave a decent performance in a play called ‘Goonge’. His hard work and passion in acting led him to one success after another. Anarkali, the popular television play is one example of his success. He also translated novels for the television drama serials. He also used to be the talk show host is the show called ‘Rahat Kazmi show’. He was also part of the super hit television drama serial ‘Nangay Paoon’. Apart from this he also worked in a number of great films. After achieving what he wanted he moved his focus towards education. He is the founder and runner of the academic institution in Pakistan.He delived lectures and speecher on the importance of education.

Popular Actress of Pakistan TV Rohi Bano

Ruhi Bano

Rohi Bano enjoys a position among Pakistan’s most celebrated celebrities. She started her career with PTV and has been a part of it for a long period. She was presented with the ‘Pride of Performance’ award. The demise of her son and her time at Fountain House has not only been a tragedy for her but also for her fans.

Rohi Bano has given many brilliant performances for the Pakistani T.V. productions. She has received many awards, including the ‘Niger award’ and the Pride of performance by PTV which she achieved only at the age of 35. Soon after that she got married. But after the ‘pride of performance’ award she got bitter with the PTV as they, she believes, did not appreciate her work anymore and instead preferred working with fresher and younger faces. She believes PTV is a good platform for the youth and she has had her good share of it. She believes that the values and culture of PTV are being lost and faded, she believes if she ever got a chance of working for PTV’s administration, she would bring many changes and revolutionize it a bit. She wants to reform it to the old PTV.

Her famous work that was aired during the color T.V. time includes; ‘Darwaza’, ‘Kaanch kay Phool’, ‘Zard gulab’and ‘Aadhay Chehrey’. Rohi’s mother listened to and shared her desire of becoming not just an actress but the most popular one. Both the women took this passion of theirs very seriously.  She always assisted and helped her whenever Rohi needed it. Rohi recalls that her mother took her to her first audition to a small studio of that time. There Dr. Anwar Sajjad auditioned her. Her mom told him that she has just finished her Matric and has been freshly admitted to her college, (which happened to be the Lahore College for Women). Her mom explained that she is very enthusiastic and interested in the field of acting. Rohi has always declared her mom’s prayers as the cause of her success and prosperity.

Rohi Bano always wanted to maintain an untouchable standard in acting, which now when she looks back at her work; she thinks she pretty much did. Rohi Bano believes that the glorious days of Rohi are still preserved and alive in the magnificent rooms of PTV. She has been and still is a source of inspiration for many. She is not concerned about the materialistic things such as money. She, on a lighter note says that PTV had trained her and her coworkers well to survive under hard and financially tight circumstances. She is more on the meditative and soulful side. She believes that true happiness can only be found within our own selves. She said, “Money can’t buy happiness, it can only come from within. It is us who have to explore our happiness.”

From among the writers, she particularly likes Bano Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmed, Munnu Bhai and Yunus Javed. She has special fondness for Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed. She holds them responsible for her personality and character building. She counted them as her friends, her parents and her everything.


Popular Singer Runa Laila

Runa Laila

Runa Laila is a Bangladesh born talented singer. Before Partition of Pakistan in 1971 her songs were mostly used by the Urdu film industry of Pakistan though she sang in Bengali too. She was one of the greatest in her times and everyone still remembers the work she did for Pakistan. Runa also was an excellent Ghazal singer who poured her heart out while singing and had a tremendous effect on her listeners.

Runa had the honor to work with many famous names in Pakistan and became the voice for several very famous actresses within blockbuster movies. Her first famous song was with the legend himself Ahmed Rushdi. That is when Runa first came into the limelight. Along with Pakistan Runa also worked for songs in her own country, Bangladesh along with several songs in India. This made her an international artist and also the pride of Pakistan. She belonged to an upper middel class family in Bangladesh, as per the customs an ustaad used to visit their house to teach her elder sister singing. Runa used to pick up the musical notes that were taught to her sister when she was a very little girl. She first was enrolled into a classical dance school where she learned Kathak as was her passion.

Runa’s breakthrough in music industry was nothing more than a sheer accident. Her elder sister got a big break but the day the show was to be held, she got a sore throat and that was when Runa was forced to fill in for her sister. She was appreciated by everyone who saw the show and got big offers and turned her career around for good.

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