Popular TV actor and comedian of Pakistan: Majid Jahangir

Famous Pakistani comedian majid jahangir

One of the most talented Pakistani comedy actors, a comedy icon is Majid Jahangir. Majid Jahangir features in the most popular  Pakistani TV comedy show of 80’s, ‘Fifty Fifty’. This show takes everyone back to the golden era of 80’s when this show was most famous. Everyone used to leave everything, whatever work they were doing and sit in front of TV to watch ‘ Fifty Fifty’.

Majid Jahangir’s best skit is ‘Ajab keh raha ha bhai’, in which he has acted with Ismail tara. Together, they made a great talented creative couple. But Majid is well known for doing Qawali skits in Fifty-Fifty show. He also did theatre and dramas. Even today people recognize him by his Qawali skits. Majid Jahangir has also been awarded Pride of Performance award. 

Mr. Majid Jahangir is also a script writer. He has written many scripts for several skits in fifty –fifty as well. He was a true comedy king of his times.

Nowadays, Majid does not appear much on TV, and the reason behind this, according to him, which he gave in his interview on one TV channel , is that, comedy and satire are not taken as an art form but  rather as a medium to insult the power holders. Comedy is no more a comedy, but rather has taken a vulgar form.

Gorgeous and famous TV actress of Pakistan: Mahnoor Baloch

There is a French proverb:

“Without Grace, Beauty is an unbaited hook.”

popular pakistani tv drama actress Mahnoor-baloch
And only one name pops up in my mind whenever I read this proverb. Mahnoor Baloch. Popular TV actress Mahnoor Baloch is one of the most graceful women in Pakistani media and fashion industry. She is considered one of the top models in fashion industry of Pakistan. Mahnoor is indeed an elegant beauty. Pleasant smile and looks to die for, Mahnoor rules the hearts of millions of her fans.

Mahnoor was born on July 14, 1970, in USA. She was only 15 years old when she got married. She has three daughters and two sons. And still, she is as beautiful and elegant as ever. Mahnoor came into Fashion world after her marriage. She was 20 years old, when she started fashion modeling.

Later on she was offered roles in dramas. Mahoonor Baloch’s debut drama was Marvi in 1993. Her appearance was appreciated in the serial and since then, Mahnoor never looked back. Marvi, Lamhay, Doosra Asman, Shiddat, Kabhi Kabhi Pyar ma, Yeh Zindagi, Noor Bano, Nur Pur ki Rani, Sila, Ladies Park are some of her famous dramas.

Mahnoor herself is a director. She has directed drama Lamhay in 2000 and Pathar ki Chaon drama serial. Mahnoor is also working in a Hollywood movie Two Mothers. This is ready to be released soon. Mahnoor has also done music videos of popular Pakistani male singer Faakhir and commercials of top brands. 

Popular Pakistani TV and film actress: Mahira Khan

 Popular female actress of Pakistani drama industry Mahira Khan

Famous Pakistani TV and movie actress Mahira Khan was born on December 21, 1982. Some people are born lucky. They get their dreams, as soon as they dream about it. Mahira Khan is one of such lucky people. To be an actor was always her dream. Her entry into the world of Pakistani dramas, as Khirad Ehsan, in Hum TV’s Drama Serial HUMSAFAR won the hearts of people throughout the country. Humsafar became one of the most famous and widely known and memorable drama in the history if Pakistani Media industry.

Mahira Khan started her media career by becoming VJ (Video Jockey) in MTV’s show Most Wanted. She also did a show Weekend with Mahira, as VJ on ARY Digital Channel. Mahira Khan is also a well reputed model. She has done various modeling shoots for magazines, clothing, and accessories of different brands. Recently, she has done a ramp walk on PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011 wearing Umer Saeed’s collection.

Popular Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor thought of no one but Mahira Khan, when he defined the character of Ayesha in her Movie BOL. Mahira amazed the audience with her acting skills, charm and innocence in the movie Bol.

‘Kaam itna kro k thak jao’, this was once advised to a young girl by her father. And today, that young girl is living her father’s words successfully. Mahira Hafeez Khan Askari, commonly known as Mahira, Mena, or Mairu, and famously known as Khirad of HUMSAFAR, is the style idol of Pakistani media. Today, Mahira Khan is the most wanted stylish and hard working VJ, Model and Actor of Pakistani Media.

Mahira Khan got married in 2007 to a creative director of Pakistani Media, Ali Askari. Today Mahira is a mother of a 4 year old Azlaan.

Popular Pakistani female director/actor: Madiha Gohar

Popular Pakistani actor and director madeeha Gauhar

Madiha Gohar is a very famous female Pakistani drama and movie director. Madiha Gohar has worked tirelessly on all her projects to bring her home land pride. She dreamt of getting Pakistan internationally recognized for its rich heritage and great films and serials. Madiha Gohar is also the elder sister of the famous actress/writer, Faryal Gohar.

Madiha Gohar has done efforts ever since she stepped into the media industry. As little as she was, she learnt all the fall backs of the industry and realized that something had to be done. She took up projects that showed her individual personality and her desires. Madiha played several roles to enhance social fields and cultural fields.

Due to Madiha’s efforts and her attachment to the field she was nominated for Prince Claus Award. This award was a token of appreciation for her efforts by the Danish government to her. The award distribution was held in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

The award ceremony was attended by many prominent and leading personalities of Pakistan and of other countries. The Danish ambassador to Pakistan was also present at the occasion along with the Federal Minister of Culture of Pakistan since Madiha herself promotes and represents the culture of Pakistan in all her projects. Madiha Gohar is a very well known director who has gained recognition throughout the media industry. She has also worked in collaboration with Ajoka Theatre group for several theatres. Her theater work too was adored by all her fans.

Pakistani TV Actress Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil is a famous Pakistani actress and she got married to Shahzad Khalil who was the director of the play that made her famous, named ‘Bi Jamalo’. She was known to be a very reliable performer and her nature was very polite off the screen and off stage as well. She moved with her husband to Karachi after working for a short time period at LTV. In Karachi her first main appearance was in ‘Unkahi’ which was a classic Haseena Moin special.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Badar Khalil

One of the most admiring and successful TV actress is Badar Khalil. She started her career with children’s shows on PTV channel in 1969. After some time her acting talent was readily accepted and she started working in plays as well. She was recognized after her great performance in the play called ‘Bi Jamalo’. She herself acted as Bi Jamalo in that play.

In 1988 Badar went through a very difficult stage when her husband passed away because of cardiac arrest. The news of her husband’s death at an early age was very shocking to whole country including her two sons Ibrahim and Umar. Badir Khalil has worked in many drama serials and she has effectively performed variety of roles. The actress Badar Khalil has been nominated in awards categories. The Pakistani actress Badar Khalil has a prolonged acting career and she still continues to show her acting skills in various drama serials on various TV channels.

Pakistani TV Actor Behroz Sabzwari

Behroz Sabzwari

Popular Pakistani TV Actor Behroz Sabzwari, famously known as Qabacha, is a living institution of Performing Arts. Behroz Sabzwari was born in 1957, in Karachi ,Pakistan.

Behroz Started his Career from Radio Pakistan. In 1967,  he stepped into acting career. Behroz Sabzwari first drama was Dadajan Nanajan, as a child star, from PTV. Behroz is a multi talented actor. He has not only done dramas, but, has also made a name in stage, theatre and film.

Khuda ki Basti, Mera naam Mangoo, Tanhaiyan, Humsafar, Dhoop Kinaray, Mandi, Uljhan, Professor, Yeh Zindagi ha are some of his most famous plays.

In the field of film, Chief Saab, Dil walay , Halchal, Khulay Asmaan kay neechay, Naseeb, Ek aur Love Story and  Mushkil are some of the work done by Behroz.

Behroz Sabzwari is most commonly known and remembered as Qabacha in Tanhaiyan, a PTV Classic Drama. He can do almost every role. From Comical Qabacha , to sweet , sophisticated and loving father in Humsafar.

Behroz Sabzwari has been awarded Pride of Performance Award  in 2009 for his contribution to Pakistani Media.

Talking about the personal life of Behroz Sabzwari, Behroz is the brother in Law of great Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh. Behroz Sabzwari has 5 sons, from which, Shehroz Sabzwari has also entered into media, like his father. Behroz Sabzwari continues his acting career by working in various roles and dramas.




Pakistani Actress-Bindiya


Bindiya is a popular Pakistani actress. She started her career in the 80’s. She first appeared on screen as an English news caster. Later on , she did commercials and television plays. Bindiya then stepped into the world of films and since then, never looked back.

She did great films like Begum Jan, Yadon ki Barat,Yadona Dolai, Nazrana and Bara Admi. Her film Bara Admi, in which she worked with the great legend Mohammad Ali, became a super hit. The actress Bindiya had worked in many movies.

Career as a singer

Bindiya is also a singer. She is a bold and a brave woman. At the peak of her acting career and success, she got married, left industry and went to America. But sadly her marriage ended into a divorce. She stayed in America, with her son, for 14 years.  While in America, she remarried but soon ended that as well. The reason was that her husband was alcoholic.

After 14 years, Bindiya decided to return to Pakistani media industry and thus she came back to Pakistan. She did her first drama Sitaray after 14 years, from PTV. Bindiya is pursuing her singing career along with acting also. Bindiya is not only a great actress, but also a great human being. She is very honest and a simple person but she is a sturdy person. Recently she has been associated with the famous “Taakey ki aye ge baraat” series.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani  was an actor with natural acting talent. Her acting was so natural that it won’t be wrong to say that she was  The only  female actor in Pakistan Drama industry, with whom every family can resonate as she being , either the  Apa of the family or grandmother. Her presence used to bring such a natural effect in the drama that one used to think of the family, as if it was a real family on TV.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani performed the role of  ‘Fazeelat’ in Dhoop kinaray, ‘Apa Begum’ in Tanhaiyan and Gazi Apa in Uncle Urfi. Her natural acting brought these characters to life and people resonated with the characters a lot.Madam Azra Sherwani also did commercials on TV, and had remained a part of many advertising agencies. She was great in the advertising department as well.

One cannot deny her versatility and talent. She did versatile roles and brought them to extreme perfection of naturalism. Her dramas are still watched even today. She was indeed an institute of knowledge , art and acting for  new comers in the media field.the Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani worked in many dramas depicting many roles.Late Madam Azra Sherwani started her career in 60’s from PTV. She was born in india in 1940, and died in USA on  December 19, 2005. She was the best female natural actor and a wonderful human being, she was an asset to drama industry of Pakistan.

Pakistani TV Actor Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir is one of the most popular TV actors from Pakistan. In the 80’s, Asif Raza Mir started his acting career by making a debut appearance in Drama serial ‘Phoolwalon ki Sayr’. After that, he did some more plays, along with films. Asif got real recognition from his Character ‘Zain’, in Tanhayan drama serial. Asif Raza Mir also proved his acting talent in films. He did a number of films, some of which are , ‘Saathi’, ‘Badaltay Mausam’, ‘Daaman’, ‘Haye ye shohar’, ‘Meray Apne’ etc. Asif Raza Mir is a businessman by profession. For 8 years he stayed in Calgary, Canada, and came back in 2008. After coming back, he started his production house ‘A&B Productions’, which is a joint venture with the most wanted director of today’s time, Javed Babar.

This production company has given a great number of super hit dramas, based on serious issues, and people have liked these dramas as well. Asif Raza Mir has resumed his acting career. In the most recent dramas, his acting talent is again highly appreciated by the audience. Some of his best characters are in dramas, ‘Roag’, ‘ Yariyan’ and  ‘Main Abdul Qadir hun ‘.  Asif Raza Mir is more interested now in working behind the camera , in the production field. Pakistani actor Asif Raza Mir continues to work in dramas.

Pakistani Singer and Actor Arshad Mahmood

Arshad Mahmood

Arshad Mahmood is a renowned Pakistani actor, music composer and a singer. He is best known for his acting in a popular Pakistani drama serial, Aangan Tehra. In another drama serial Dhoop Kinare he played an important secondary role of ‘Baba’ which was of Dr Ahemr’s foster father. He also acted in another drama serial “Unkahi”. In 1970’s Arshad Mahmood  participated in an important role and also participated in music composition of program ‘SUCH GUP’. The tenure of the acting career Arshad Mahmood had been appreciated by the widespread audience.

The music for many Ghazals sung by Nayyara Noor and Tina Sani was also composed by Arshad Mahmood. He also composed music for many Pakistani drama serials and plays such as Dhoop Kinare. He also supported Ali Haider from the beginning of his career on his first music album Jan-e-Jan Sun released by EMI Pakistan. The song included in ‘Dhoop Kinare’ called DOSTI EK MEHAK was part of this music album. The music for many national songs including the famous one ” Watan ki mitti gawah rehna” was also composed by Arshad Mehmood. Some of his recent works include his acting in Khamosh Pani in 2003. He took part in 50-50 which was a famous comedy skit play. Apart from all this he is a faculty member at National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi, Pakistan. The professional career of Arshad Mahmood includes immense participation in the acting spectrum as well as in music composition side.

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