Pakistani actresses- Seemi Zaidi, Tani Begum and Tamana Begum

Seemi Zaidi

Seemi Zaidi

Seemi Zaidi, her mother Tani Begum and Tamana Begum are famous Pakistani actresses who have worked on TV, theatre and in films.  Seemi Zaidi is the daughter of Tani Baigum. Tani begum has been a famous actress of her time. Seemi Zaidi has been a great actress in the Pakistani industry; however she has enjoyed a very short period of her career’s glory. She has been part of the acting industry for a very short while. She, after a while completely disappeared from the TV screen. Seemi Zaidi stepped in with her acting career in the 1990s. She did not only participate in acting but also opted for singing. Pervaiz Kaleem, the popular writer and producer from Pakistan, is accredited for introduction of Seemi Zaidi.

Popular work

Most popular drama that she was part of along with Qavi Khan, Waseem Abbas, Maria Wasti and Kashif Mehmood was “Ashiyana”. This drama made her popular and favorite among the older and younger alike. That drama was produced by Kashif Mehmood. Other hits from her include “Ammar Bail” where her co-workers included “Tanvir Jamal” and “Manjhdar” in which she appeared in the role of Mazhar Ali’s daughter. She has been a great actress on the whole but she still chose to part ways with showbiz.

Tamana Begum

Tamana Begum has been part of the Pakistani Showbiz industry and has engraved memories of her acting as many other great actresses have. She had a booming career during the 1970s and 1980s. She started her career with the radio. In 1960s, she was a radio jockey and then she started with the theatre. Tammana‘s performances took her to fame. She has peaked her performances and worked with various popular actors such as Talat Iqbal and Waheed Murad.

Pakistani actress Durdana Butt

Durdana Butt

Durdana Butt is a very popular TV artist of Pakistan. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistani actress Durdana spent almost all her life in acting. She often played the role of a mother or an aunt in her TV shows but she was renowned for her comic acting. Pakistani actress Durdana started her acting career in 1960’s and since then she is one of the most successful Pakistani actors. Since the start of her career she started to work on many TV projects.

Professional career of actress Durdana Butt

The great Pakistani actress Durdana has played a part in many Pakistani TV shows but her most famous performances were in drama serials Aangan Tehra and Tanhaiyaan. She is one of the most famous actors of her time and she is respected throughout the media industry. Durdana Butt had performed different roles and she has gained immense appreciation due to her acting skills. The comic aspect of her acting career is more popular. Pakistani TV actress Durdana Butt continues to work on the Pakistani TV. Durdana Butt had received many awards and achievements. The actress had worked with many popular actors and actresses of Pakistan. It has been expressed several times that Durdana Butt has a natural style of acting. During her career the actress has mostly played the roles of a mother and aunt. Currently actress Durdana Butt is working on many TV channels.

Famous actor of Pakistan TV industry: Nauman Ijaz

Popular Pakistani drama actor nauman-ijaz

In 1992 Pakistan television, Lahore center, introduce a new chapter of talent and perfection. Yes, I am talking about Nouman Ijaz. He is talented, gorgeous and classy. The celebrity earned fame in a very short time span. Today, he is renowned for his acting talent, and humble nature. He is mainly known for his acting in TV serials but he did modeling too. He also worked as anchor person for some TV shows. Some of his super hit TV serials were, Aansoo, dasht, Mann-o-salewa, Nur pur ki Rani and yeh zindagi. Mann-o-salwa went very well. Written by Umaira Ahmed, the TV serial earned a lot of popularity and business.  He mainly did the main leads. His most recent play was Meera Saain a private production by ARY. In this TV serial he was portrayed as a lusty and cruel politician. He also played in a Pakistani movie: Ramchand Pakistani.

Personal Life:

Born in Lahore, the talented celebrity spent his childhood in Ichra, Lahore. His father was employed as a manager by a theater company. He was raised in a very simple and humble environment. His early schooling was from Cathedral High school Lahore. Later he went to Punjab University. He earned a degree in Law. But he didn’t practice. He knew his hidden talent well. So, he joined showbiz. Today he is a married man, enjoying a joyous family life with his wife Rabia and 3 kids.

Awards and Achievements:

The celebrity won Lux style award 2009 in the category of Best actor. We wish him even more success and achievements in his life. 

Famous TV actress of Pakistan: Nadia Jamil

popular drama actress of Pakistan: Nadia Jamil

Whenever  it comes to write about popular Pakistani TV actress Nadia Jamil, one run short of words. There are no words that matches her perfection. She is a remarkable actress. So fine, focused, clear and natural in her acting.

Nadia Jamil started her career from Ajoka theatre. Her perfectly natural acting, dialogue delivery and voice control is the result of her hard work in theatre.

She wasn’t much interested in acting in dramas in the start. But, it was Mehreen Jabbar, the popular Pakistani director, who brought  Nadia Jail closer to dramas. Nadia did numerous popular Pakistani dramas such as Meray Aas Pas, Durre Shehwar, etc.  She has also done modeling and commercials. Nadia Jamil also hosted a show Nayee Rahain on Dunya Tv. It was a very informative show. Her performance in a long play “Behudd” was also highly appreciated by the audience.

Nadia attained massive attention, acceptance and love of public from TV.  But her first love will always remain theatre. Nadia is also a teacher. She teaches to O’level and A’level students in Aitchison College. 

Taking a tour of her personal life, Nadia is happily married to her best friend, and is blessed with a son , named, Raqay. Nadia is a very abstract person. She believes in utilizing her positive energy in different sources around her and not wasting time. She is of the view that one should keep moving on in life and keep on experiencing different things. 

Currently, she owns a Production house , named  Sawan. 

Greatest actor of Pakistan TV and media: Moin Akhtar (RIP)

greatest legend of Pakistan Moin Akhtar

Moin Akhtar was a great legend and an irreplaceable asset of Pakistan. He played a great role in television, stage and film. He was a great impersonator and had a great humor. Moin Akhtar has also been given several shows for hosting and he performed his job perfectly well.

Moin Akhtar was born in the year 1950 on 24th December. His parents migrated during the subcontinent partition from India to Pakistan. He was extremely versatile and flourished amazingly during his lifetime and career. Moin made his debut on television before stepping into other platforms of media. His first appearance was aired on PTV on 6th September. This occurred in 1966. The drama was in the memory of defense day of Pakistan. Moin Akhtar did many different plays after this debut plan.

Moin Akhtar made a great squad with Bushra Ansari and the very famous Anwar Maqsood. Moin Akhtar despite being in stage shows and in multiple humorous roles maintained the etiquette. He kept his performance very decent which made him loved by all ages and was considered suitable for a healthy and light family time. Moin Akhtar collaborated with Umer Sharif to do a play in India. This made his name rise up to new levels and made him even more popular.

Moin Akhtar is also one of the people who got honorary citizenship from Dallas as an award for his outstanding performances and achievements. Moin Akhtar passed away in 2011 due to a heart attack leaving thousands of people grieving. His funeral was led by Junaid Jamshed. Madam Tussauds contacted Moin’s family expressing their wish to make a wax statue of Moin as a reminder. This would be the first wax statue of a Pakistani citizen in the museum.

Famous Pakistani TV actress: Mishi Khan

popular Pakistani TV actress Mishi Khan

Popular actress of Pakistan Mishi Khan made her debut as Uroosa in a drama. Her smile used to brighten the whole aura of the scene. Mishi started her career from Uroosa. Her innocence in Uroosa drama brought her close to public. She was loved for her cute smile. Uroosa, Ghazi Shaheed, Jannat se nikali hui aurat, Sher dil, Ajaib Khana, Khala Khairan are some of the popular dramas of Mishi.

Mishi khan is also a great singer. Her song Mahiya was a super hit and was nominated for the Best Debut song category in Indus Music Awards 2004.

Mishi is not only a singer and an actress but also a producer. She produced her music album. She has a plan of producing a Tele film in the future. Right now she is working on her music album which will be soon in the market. Mishi also worked as a host. ‘Sunday with Mishi, Eon One, Khatay Peetay are some of the shows hosted by her. Mishi also proved her mettle in films. 

Famous Pakistani TV actress: Mehak Ali

Mehak Ali-actress of Pakistan

Mehak Ali is a great Pakistani actress, model and singer of Pakistani media. She was born on June 27, 1993. Mehak has an indeed a glamorous and elegant personality.

She started her career in performing arts and did several plays. She remained unknown as an actor in the early period of her acting career. But in the late 2000’s till today’s time, Mehak Ali was able to make her place in the industry very nicely. Her acting skills are much more enhanced and polished. She has become more choosy and versatile in her roles now.

Some of Mehak’s plays are Saheli, Main Abdul Qadir hoon, Khushboo ka ghar, Iman, Sapno ki Oat ma, Mujhe Roothna na dena etc. Her acting was highly appreciated in Main Abdul Qadir Hoon. Although it was a side role of Fahad Mustafa’s mother’s friend, but she played it very nicely and made it an important part in the story.

Apart from dramas, Mahak ali has great interest in music. She is also a singer. She did a music album , Magic, which was a super hit and whose 2 million copies got sold in the first go.  Her second music album was, Time to Remember. Mehak has also hosted a Live Music Show, Suron ma Rang Bharay.

Mehak also did Fashion modeling and commercials. Currently, she is busy directing a feature film.

As a person, Mehak is very honest and simple. She does not like hypocrite people.

Famous TV actress of Pakistan: Marina Khan

Popular actress of Pakistani TV industry: Marina-Khan

Popular Pakistani TV actress Marina Khan is a Pathan, born on December 26, 1962. Her father was Pakistani and mother was English. She is a typical Capricorn by being lively, stubborn, humorous, romantic, sensitive and committed.

Marina made her debut in a PTV drama Rashid Minhas Shaheed. After that, she was seen in PTV’s greatest Pakistani drama Tanhaiyan, as the Pink Panther Girl-Saniya. She gained huge popularity as Saniya. After winning public’s heart as Saniya in Tanhaiyan, Marina Khan was seen as Dr. Zoya Khan in famous Pakistani drama Dhoop Kinaray, which was also a great classic drama and gained huge popularity. Nijaat, Ehsas, Tanha etc. are some of the dramas which earned fame and love to Marina Khan.

Marina Khan didn’t only stick to dramas, but also hosted cooking shows and morning shows.

Currently, Marina is working as a producer and director, and runs her own production house by the name of Fat Cat Productions. She works in collaboration with her husband, Jaleel Akhtar, who is also a very famous TV Producer. Marina khan got married to Jaleel Akhtar, way back in 1989.

As a director, Marina Khan directed a popular drama on Geo TV, Azar ki Aye Gi  Baraat. Which has led to the third season of Ainee ki Ayegy Baraat.

Marina Khan has recently shifted to Canada. 

Popular TV actor and comedian of Pakistan: Majid Jahangir

Famous Pakistani comedian majid jahangir

One of the most talented Pakistani comedy actors, a comedy icon is Majid Jahangir. Majid Jahangir features in the most popular  Pakistani TV comedy show of 80’s, ‘Fifty Fifty’. This show takes everyone back to the golden era of 80’s when this show was most famous. Everyone used to leave everything, whatever work they were doing and sit in front of TV to watch ‘ Fifty Fifty’.

Majid Jahangir’s best skit is ‘Ajab keh raha ha bhai’, in which he has acted with Ismail tara. Together, they made a great talented creative couple. But Majid is well known for doing Qawali skits in Fifty-Fifty show. He also did theatre and dramas. Even today people recognize him by his Qawali skits. Majid Jahangir has also been awarded Pride of Performance award. 

Mr. Majid Jahangir is also a script writer. He has written many scripts for several skits in fifty –fifty as well. He was a true comedy king of his times.

Nowadays, Majid does not appear much on TV, and the reason behind this, according to him, which he gave in his interview on one TV channel , is that, comedy and satire are not taken as an art form but  rather as a medium to insult the power holders. Comedy is no more a comedy, but rather has taken a vulgar form.

Gorgeous and famous TV actress of Pakistan: Mahnoor Baloch

There is a French proverb:

“Without Grace, Beauty is an unbaited hook.”

popular pakistani tv drama actress Mahnoor-baloch
And only one name pops up in my mind whenever I read this proverb. Mahnoor Baloch. Popular TV actress Mahnoor Baloch is one of the most graceful women in Pakistani media and fashion industry. She is considered one of the top models in fashion industry of Pakistan. Mahnoor is indeed an elegant beauty. Pleasant smile and looks to die for, Mahnoor rules the hearts of millions of her fans.

Mahnoor was born on July 14, 1970, in USA. She was only 15 years old when she got married. She has three daughters and two sons. And still, she is as beautiful and elegant as ever. Mahnoor came into Fashion world after her marriage. She was 20 years old, when she started fashion modeling.

Later on she was offered roles in dramas. Mahoonor Baloch’s debut drama was Marvi in 1993. Her appearance was appreciated in the serial and since then, Mahnoor never looked back. Marvi, Lamhay, Doosra Asman, Shiddat, Kabhi Kabhi Pyar ma, Yeh Zindagi, Noor Bano, Nur Pur ki Rani, Sila, Ladies Park are some of her famous dramas.

Mahnoor herself is a director. She has directed drama Lamhay in 2000 and Pathar ki Chaon drama serial. Mahnoor is also working in a Hollywood movie Two Mothers. This is ready to be released soon. Mahnoor has also done music videos of popular Pakistani male singer Faakhir and commercials of top brands. 

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