Top 20 Engineering Colleges in Pakistan

Popular Ghulam Ishaq Khan University of Pakistan

Engineering is one field where the professionals are constantly discovering ways to improve the standard of living by creating bold and innovative solutions that connect science with life. In Pakistan there are several engineering universities in various parts of the country providing high standard and up to date education to the students. PEC – Pakistan Engineering Council regulates the educational courses of these universities and is constantly striving to promote and improve the quality of education in the area of engineering and technology.

Some of these institutions are recognized throughout the world and they also attract foreign students. Given below is the list of the top engineering universities of Pakistan. Please note that it is not in any kind of order.

1. PIEAS-Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (Islamabad)
2. NUST-National University of Science & Technology (Islamabad)
3. GIKI-Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Sciences (Topi)
4. NED-Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw,University of Engineering & Technology (Karachi)
5. UET-University of Engineering & Technology (Lahore)
6. SZABIST-Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (Karachi)
7. Quaid-e-Awan University of Engineering Science & Technology(Nawabshah)
8. Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology
9. Center for Advance Studies in Engineering & technology (Islamabad & Quetta)
10. National University of Science (Islamabad)
11. University of Engineering & Technology (Peshawar)
12. National University of Science & Technology (Rawalpindi)
13. Mehran University Engineering & Technology(Jamshoro)
14. University of Engineering & Technology (Taxila)
15. National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (Islamabad)
16. COMSATS Institute of Engineering & technology (Islamabad,Abbottabad)
17. NWFP University of Engineering & Technology (Peshawar)
18. Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology(Khuzdar)
19. Kohat University of Engineering & Technology (Kohat)
20. Pakistan Navy Engineering College (Karachi)

Top 20 Computer Colleges of Pakistan

Popular university of Pakistan: NUST

Computer is no doubt the greatest and the most revolutionary invention of all times, changing the face of society all over the world. Today, it is nearly impossible to compete in any field of work without computer know-how. It is the era of globalization where the whole world is in direct contact with every one around the world through computers. It is the time of information and technology and computer education is the key to advancement in the economic development of every country.

Pakistan is one of the top countries producing excellent software consultants and engineers. There are quite a number of computer colleges throughout the country in both public and private sector. Some of them are among the finest universities of the world in computer education.

Given below is the list of top 20 computer Colleges of Pakistan. This list is not in the ranking order.

1. GIKI-Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Sciences (Topi, Islamabad)
2. NUST-National University of Science & Technology (Islamabad)
3. Air University (Islamabad)
4. UET-Department of Computer Sciences (Lahore)
5. FAST-Institute of Computer Sciences
6. COMSATS-Institute of Information technology (Islamabad)
7. National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (Islamabad)
8. LUMS-Lahore University of Management & Sciences
9. Fauji Foundation Institute of Management & Computer Sciences(Islamabad)
10. IBM-College of Computer science & Information system (Karachi)
11. Aptech Computer Education (Lahore)
12. Sarhad University of Science & Information technology (Peshawar)
13. Pearl Institute of Management & Information technology (Quetta)
14. University of Central Punjab-PICS (Lahore)
15. Computer Training Centre Institute (Islamabad)
16. Beaconhouse Informatics (Lahore,Karachi)
17. Royal Institute of Computer (Karachi)
18. Union College of Computer (Karachi)
19. Bahria Institute of Management & Computer Sciences (Karachi)
20. College of Computer Sciences (Gujranwala)

Top 20 General Colleges of Pakistan

Popular women college of Lahore: Kinnaird

The importance of higher education cannot be denied by anyone. The Government of Pakistan established the Higher Education Commission in 2002 to evaluate, improve and promote higher education in the country. The traditional bachelor’s degree of 2-yr program has been replaced by the Honor’s Bachelor’s degree awarded after 3 yrs of full time study in arts, humanities, sciences, business and commerce.

In Pakistan, there are about 1882 colleges, out of which 1025 in the public and 857 in the private sector. These institutions are providing under graduate and post graduate courses and some also offer professional courses like MS and MBA.

Though the list of colleges available in the country is quite large but here are the top 20 general colleges of Pakistan with no particular order:

1. Government College (Lahore)
2. Kinnaird College for women(Lahore)
3. Forman Christian College (Lahore)
4. Saint Joseph College (Karachi)
5. Lahore College for women (Lahore)
6. Home Economics Colleges for women
7. PECHS College (Karachi)
8. DHA College (Karachi)
9. Punjab Group of Colleges-University of Central Punjab
10. Aitchison College(Lahore)
11. Adamjee Science College for Boys(Karachi)
12. Islamabad Model College
13. OPF Boys College (Islamabad)
14. Dehli Science College for Boys (Karachi)
15. DJ Science College (Karachi)
16. FG College (Islamabad)
17. Islamabad College of Boys
18. Islamabad College of Arts & Sciences
19. Governement College (Quetta)
20. Peshawar Model Degree College

Top 20 Business schools in Pakistan

Institute of Business Administration in Karachi

Business education plays a vital role in building a successful career in today’s highly challenging and competitive business world. In Pakistan, its importance was realized the past decade and several business schools were established throughout the country in both private and public sector.

Today there are about 87 HEC recognized business schools, out of which 59 belong to the private and 28 to the public sector. These schools provide Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) i.e. 3 or 4 yr program and Master of Business Administration (MBA) i.e. 1 or 2 yrs program.

The top Business schools in Pakistan are listed below. These school are listed in no particular ranking order:

1. LUMS-Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lahore)
2. IBA-Institute of Business Administration (Karachi)
3. Iqra University, (Karachi)
4. LSE-Lahore School of Economics
. NUST-National University (Business School Islamabad)
6. UMT-University of Management & Technology (Lahore)
7. SZABIST-Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & technology (Karachi)
8. IBM-Institute of Business Management (Karachi)
9. Institute of Management Sciences (Lahore)
10. PIM-Pakistan Institute of Management (Karachi)
11. FAST- NU Lahore Business school
12. University of Karachi –School of Business
13. University of Punjab-Institute of Business Administration
14. FCC-Forman Christian college-School of Management
15. University of Central Punjab-PCBA
16. CBM-College of Business Management (Karachi)
17. Iqra University (Islamabad)
18. Institute of Management sciences(Peshawar)
19. UCL-University college Lahore
20. Bahauddin Zakariya University (Multan)

Top 25 schools in Pakistan


It is well said that ‘Education is the third eye of a man’. And school is the first step towards the world of education for a child after home. No country can make significant economic progress if majority of its citizens cannot get primary education. The Government of Pakistan aims to provide free of cost elementary education to all children. It has established hundreds of schools, which have been imparting education throughout the country. But the percentage of children going to private schools has increased rapidly, not only in urban but also in rural areas. The main reason being the quality of education and environment of private schools are much better than the public schools.

The list of top 25 private schools in Pakistan is given below in no particular order:

1. Aitchison college (Lahore)
2.Convent schools
3. Karachi grammar
4. The Mama Parsi International school (Karachi)
5. Lahore Grammar (Lahore & Islamabad)
6. Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur)
7. Habib Public School (Karachi)
8. Beaconhouse school system
9. The City school
10. Burnhall school (Abottabad)
11. Hassan Abdal
12. Foundation Public school (Karachi)
13. International school of choueifat (Lahore)
14. Chand bagh school (Muridke)
15. Abottabad Public school
16. St.Michael’s school(Karachi)
17. Crescent Model school (Lahore)
18. CAS (Karachi)
19. Karachi International school
20. Islamabad International school
21. Lahore American school
22. Pak-Turk International school
23. Scarsdale school (Lahore)
24. PECHS (Karachi)
25. Escena Foundation (Lahore)

Top 20 Medical Colleges in Pakistan

The importance of health cannot be denied in any country. In Pakistan this profession is highly respected. Five year training program is required to qualify for a medical doctor degree (MBBS) and four year training for a BDS degree.

In Pakistan there are around 32 medical colleges in public and 36 in the private sector. The government has set up colleges in different parts of the country to cater to the increasing demand of medical doctors. Basically, the good medical colleges are in three main cities: Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi. There are some more in other cities as well providing quality education to our future doctors.

Here is a list of top medical colleges of Pakistan:

1. King Edward Medical college (Lahore)
2. Agha Khan Medical college (Karachi)
3. Allama Iqbal Medical college (Lahore)
4. DOW Medical college (Karachi)
5. Fatima Jinnah Medical college (Lahore)
6. Sind Medical college (Karachi)
7. Chanka Medical college (Quetta)
8. Nishtar Medical college (Multan)
9. Rawalpindi Medical college (Rawalpindi)
10. Quaid-e-Azam Medical college (Bahawalpur)
11. Punjab Medical college (Faisalabad)
12. Kabir Medical college (Peshawar)
13. Baqai Medical college (Karachi)
14. D’Mont Dental college (Lahore)
15. Karachi Medical & Dental college (Karachi)
16. Abottabad International Medical college (Abottabad)
17. Zia uddin Medical college (Karachi)
18. Khyber Medical college (Peshawar)
19. Lahore Medical & Dental college (Lahore)
20. PIMS-Quaid-e-Azam Post Medical college (Islamabad)

150 Years of Lawrence College Ghora Gali

Lawrence ghora gali college of Pakistan

Lawrence College Ghora Gali was established in 1860 by Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence basically as a school for the children of the British soldiers who died while serving or were in service in India. This small school with only 4 students in the beginning now produces 700 students every year.

It is the oldest boarding school in Pakistan and is more of a school for the elites. The 150 year old grand structure stands tall and proud amongst the picturesque settings in the foothills of Himalayas. It occupies an area of 140 acres and has a hospital and a church on its premises. The school has produced doctors, engineers, politicians, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and educationalists.

The students known as the “Gallians” excel at studies as well as extra curricular activities. The school emphasizes on character building and the students are taught to strive and succeed as “Never Give In” is the motto of the school. It is not only about the beautiful location of this school, it is also about the quality of education it offers. It can be said very easily that this school is one of the best schools in Pakistan as far as the quality of education Lawrence College Ghora Gali imparts is concerned. 

Top 7 Medical Institutes of Pakistan


Pakistan is proud to have some outstanding medical universities some as old as 150 years. These universities have produced a number of dedicated doctors who do their utmost to alleviate the human suffering throughout the world. The medical universities offer courses in graduate degrees MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery), Post Graduate degrees and Diplomas.

Pakistan has a lot of very high quality institutes of Medical education. We are home to the 7th largest group of doctors in the world. This distinction is because of the institutes listed below.

The quality of education imparted is at par with the leading medical universities of the world. Some universities are also affiliated with foreign universities. The five year MBBS course comprises of classroom lectures as well as clinical training in associated hospitals. The exams are held at the end of each semester and students are judged on their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Pakistani doctors are known through out the world for their hard work and dedication to their profession. Here is a brief list of the leading medical universities allover Pakistan:

1. Aga Khan Medical University Karachi
2. King Edward Medical University Lahore
3. Dow University of Human Sciences Karachi
4. Rawalpindi Medical University Rawalpindi
5. Nishtar Medical College Multan
6. Liaqat Medical University Jamshoro
7. Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore

Top 10 Schools of Pakistan


Education is the backbone of a country. For a country to prosper, its educational system must be strong. Every year the government of Pakistan allocates a substantial amount of money for education. Unfortunately the government has not been able to make an impact however; the private sector has been more than successful. At the time of partition, missionary schools and those run by philanthropists were imparting education to the masses. Now a number of schools have been opened with the aim of educating the younger generations.

Pakistan is one country with a huge number of its population in their early years. Naturally, the requirement of new and more schools and a good education has increased a lot on the recent past. A lot of new school systems are there now which are based on modern education system, but there are some schools which are still considered better than the others. These schools have produced doctors, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, actors, models, educationalists and many more professionals some of whom have won accolades for Pakistan abroad. Although difficult to comprise but a list of top ten schools in no particular order is as follows:

1. St. Joseph’s Convent High School.
2. St. Patrick’s Boys School.
3. The Mama Parsi Girls School.
4. Karachi Grammar School.
5. Beaconhouse School System.
6. The City School.
7. Army Public School.
8. Fauji Foundation Model School.
9. Roots Montessori & High School.
10. Cadet College.

Top 5 Business Schools and Top 5 Engineering Universities of Pakistan

Lahore School of economics

The need of Business Schools arose when a number of international organizations and foreign banks opened their branches in Pakistan and needed personnel with sound knowledge of business administration. The main motive of the business schools was to provide students with the best quality education in management sciences and its related branches thus producing competent professionals. Initially teaching finance and marketing, the business schools now offer courses in economics, Commerce and human sciences. The business schools strive to instill creativity and leadership qualities. They encourage students to think, rationalize and make their own decisions. After a three year under graduate course, a BBA degree is awarded.

Students can also pursue a master’s degree (MBA) in various disciplines.

The leading business schools are:

1. Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

2. Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore.

3. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi.

4. Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

5. Lahore School of Economics, Lahore.

Engineers are the builders of a country. Pakistan has many engineering universities. Although their names and locale are different, their aim is the same. They strive to impart fundamental knowledge and develop basic professional skills among the aspiring engineers and mould them into skilled and competent individuals. The graduates of these universities are employed by some of the leading local and multinational organizations.

Besides the undergraduate programs, post graduate (Masters and PhD) courses are also offered for both full time and part time students. The post graduate courses aim at equipping the students with the latest technologies and developments in their respective fields. The research work carried out by the students is also published in local and international journals.

The leading engineering universities of Pakistan are:

1. National University of Sciences & Technology, Rawalpindi.

2. NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.

3. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering, Swabi.

4. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

5. University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.

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