Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

The more we dig in to know what Pakistan means to its people, the more we come to know of the passion and zeal Pakistanis have to do something for this country. One such heart touching and dignified proclamation has been made by Farheen Zaki who once was hardcore bank employee and now is playing a housewife role. Lets hear Farheen’s love for this beautiful country:

“It is quite natural to love your native country and I love Pakistan for the same reason.I t was a dream of Iqbal and fruit to the years long struggle and sacrifices of our ancestors under the dynamic leadership of our Quaid. Freedom is indeed a great blessing.Ask about it from the Muslims of Palestine and Kashmir.”

“Pakistan is not an ordinary country to love only for this common reason. It is the land of ancient civilization with rich cultural foundations.Its people are the proud inherent of Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa. It is blessed with all the natural resources and scenic beauty of Mother nature.It holds 4 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, 2nd largest salt mines,world s largest deep seaport and one of the largest deserts of the world. It also holds worlds 7th largest standing Arm force(pride of our nation) and is the 7th nuclear power of the world. The Karakorum highway it possess is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.”

“Pakistan is a land of fertile soil, diverse wild life, fresh water lakes, serene beauty and a long coastal line. From the snow capped peaks of Himalayas in the north to the mangroves of the Indus delta on the other end, Pakistan is a true picture of Allah’s glory. I recently took a road trip from Lahore to Karachi and witnessed how the rich fertile land of Punjab turns into the mystic desert of Sindh. Within hours the whole scene changed even the color of the soil, cattle, atmosphere, language, dresses and crops changed. The diversity of our country is unique.”

“But the real power of this country is its people. People with strong determination, people who have lived in hard times and emerged as united nation after every calamity. It has been very unlucky as far as leadership is concerned. But it does not belong to the few elites who have been ruling it since the independence. It belongs to the farmers and workers and every citizen of this country. Pakistanis have been resilient enough to withstand injustice, corruption and terrorism year after year. We as a nation have always stood united and helped each other in times of need.”

“Who says Pakistan has not grown in these 63 years. It is the same country which didn’t have office stationery at the time of its birth and today it’s a nuclear power and thus a threat to the so called super powers of the world.”

“Pakistan is ‘The Land of the Pure’. Each day the sun rises with new hope. I am quite sure that this nation who has survived famines, threats, blood sheds, natural calamities, injustice, exploitation, corrupt leaders and heavy criticism from the West can literally survive anything. We as a nation if stand united, rely on our own resources and put all our belief in Allah Almighty can defeat all enemies. This country has seen the worst now only good will happen and if my Allah stays with us we shall sooner or later see this country win for itself a place of great honor and pride. This is the only country taken in the name of Islam. If we all stand united under the umbrella of this ideology no one can degrade or defame us any longer. It is the time to strengthen our bond and stand upright in front of our enemies and win back our pride. And for the people who think this country is a shame and it will soon banish from the map of the world I have only one sentence.”

“Pakistan – Love it or Leave it.”

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our Motherland

Khairpur - Kot Diji Fort - 001

On an international stage, Pakistan is clearly struggling with its distorted image. Every one of us as being a Pakistani knows that we are not what we are being portrayed. In this time of despair and struggle, there are people who still fancy Pakistan as being the blood supply of every beating heart. One such talented Pakistani is Sarmad Sohail who is a musician and has been living in England since three years. Here is his beautiful expression for Pakistan:

It is a very important and fundamental question to me, Sohail says. Why do I love Pakistan? I would answer; nobody can say why he/she loves someone. Love is a gift from Al-Mighty and we can only enjoy it and appreciate it but cannot say why we love someone. Yet a simple answer is because Pakistan is my Mother land and its gives me my identity.

I have been living in UK for over three and a half years now. For me being Pakistani is a matter of Identity. Anywhere I go I am and Insha Allah I will be identified as a Pakistani. To me it’s just like name of a father that gives u Identity in a society, Nationality gives you sense of identity in this world. Pakistan gives you a feeling of being related to and a place with which one can identify.

Although on international stage being a Pakistani is almost a criminal offense, yet I am happy and equally proud to be known as a Pakistani only because I believe to some extent and have a small realization of what Almighty has given to this wonderful piece of land. I am proud to be from Indus Valley Civilization which hosts the world’s best cultural heritage. I am proud of Pakistan for being naturally beautiful, the cultural diversity, rich lingual heritage, being home to world’s 3 largest mountain Ranges, being the homeland to Abdul Sattar Eidhi, its sufi heritage and message of peace. There is a never ending list of these characteristics. The only thing which worries me is the pure negligence of its people towards all these beautiful gifts. Not only we neglect it but they refuse to accept it. The only fact that gives me hope to carry on with the struggle to glorify the distorted image of my beloved country is what Allama Muhammad Iqbal said:

“nahi hai na-Umeed Iqbal apni Kisht-e-viraan se …
zara nam ho tu yeh mitti bari zarkheez hai saqi …”

Why we love Pakistan? Because its uniqueness makes us precious!


If you want to listen to a heart that breathes and lives Pakistan being abroad, then here is an exceptional and unconditional expression of love by Ahsan Rauf who is a Business Architect in Enterprise architecture department of Dubai Customs:

Pakistan, a country I come from and identity I have lived with and will live for the rest of my life. People suggest me to put some sense in my mind and think of my children’s future, where will they end up and how will I educate them and what jobs they will take on and live a dream life which every successful individual dreams of. The easiest way out for those people is to get a foreign nationality and live a so called happy life with a guarantee that their off springs will have success.

I say to myself, why don’t I follow them and do the RIGHT THING!

The “Right thing”? What is that, leave my roots, cut my soul, and fade into a culture that was never injected into my blood.

And then I think why I should be in Pakistan and love it with all the corrupted systems and with all its problems created humanly or naturally. I have a reason to say YES I love Pakistan as my country. It sure is a uniqueness in me that differs me from the rest of the world.

Loving Pakistan for me has grown in time when I started connecting to its roots, its moments of cherish, its phases of sorrow, its evolution of change. And I have realized that my soul is totally connected to this piece of land which was created out of miracle, after fighting at all fronts. The formation of this country has the same meaning when GOD (Allah) says “that I created you out of nothing”, and yet we as individuals who were created out of nothing are the best of Allah has created. So if my Pakistan got created out of nothing then I take it as the best of Allah’s creation. And loving the best is no way insane to practice, but rather not loving it is disobedience to Allah’s Intelligence.

The future of my Pakistan is as I call it “We are the rising nation in its own way” with all what are going through, it is a continuous program to make us stronger to face anything comes our way. My Pakistan has best of the breed brains and intellectuals of this world. Where the intelligent brains can make something like nuclear energy capability from just wreckage, you can just imagine what they can do with something useful.

Plus the rise of this country is in the people who are raising their heads above and moving on the revolutionary road forced on them by the nature and our enemies. Thank you all as we are on the path which is destined for us, a path which one day will lead this world and we will be the leaders Insha Allah. Though the way to that ultimate leadership is tough but the results are eventually fruitful. May Allah bless my country. Ameen.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is a novelty in itself

Independence day of Pakistan

Pakistan is a novelty by its existence. Pakistan is a land that has survived in every calamity and disaster. The people of Pakistan have generous hearts. Hearts that is rich in emotions, courtesy, passion and courage to help bring Pakistan out of trouble every time. Allah has always protected this country with His special blessings. The patriotism in the times of boom and gloom never vanished and the love for this country grew strong with every passing day within us.

There are think tanks that spend their days and nights all awake to understand the situation of Pakistan and figure out the ways to help survive this country. One such concerned and patriotic Pakistani is Syed Ali Raza Abidi who is a CEO of Akhlaq Enterprises (PVT) Ltd. (Export Processors of Fresh & Frozen Seafoods) in Karachi. As the recent flood has caused much of devastation in Pakistan, but the love for Pakistan has been shown by Abidi with his excessive relief efforts in the form of cash and goods. While expressing his emotions, Mr. Ali strongly objected on the idea of Pakistan being a failed state. To his belief, Pakistan would have not existed and survived if it really was a failed state. Abidi believes that this country was meant to exist and would survive in every situation as the people of Pakistan have big and pure hearts.

He believes that it is easier to criticize Pakistan while sitting behind the computers but when you live here being a patriot, then you feel like doing something practical for this country instead of criticizing. Seeing the future of Pakistan, Mr. Ali believes that we as the people of Pakistan must play our individual and sincere role to bring this country out of troubles. He suggested that we need to develop Pakistanization by bringing and promoting pro-Pakistan forces while eliminating anti-Pakistan groups. Abidi believes that Pakistani people have all the potential to protect their country and do everything they could to touch new milestones.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it’s a land of Peace, Harmony and Beauty

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The love for Pakistan is a phenomenon which tends to dwell and increase with every passing day. Such beautiful expression was shared by Sumbul Khan who is S.S.T. (IT) and has worked as Asst. Manager Planning and Web Development at ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan.

“Ever since I started thinking and recognizing things around me of my own, I know Pakistan. I am not an icon; not a celebrity or a politician. I am a minor entity but my love for Pakistan is incalculable. I found myself wordless if anyone asks me to express my love for my own Jan Jan Pakistan! It’s not only my homeland but everything of mine starts and ends on it!”

“The Land of Beauty as truly Pakistan is called, I fell in love with it when I celebrated my first ever Independence Day at the age of 4. I can’t explain the colors, celebrations and happiness I saw on the faces of the people. It was something that can never be explained in words. It was a festival like EID and then I remember asking my father about what Pakistan is? And He told me that “it’s the land of peace and harmony. It’s our home and its entire people are our friends. And whatever you say or do ever in your life, always remember that you are the daughter of Pakistan same as you are mine. You’ll be in-debt with your home Pakistan for it has given you so much that you are not able to return even if you live a hundred years!!””

“As the years went by, the love of Pakistan grew with me. And my love went crazy about Pakistan when I visited its places. You name it and I’ll tell you about it. From where should I start explaining my marvel Homeland? From my home town Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi to Murree, Nathia Gali and the Northern areas including Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Kaghan, Naran, etc. And then comes Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukhur in Sindh, Quetta, Ziarat in Baluchistan. I am just speechless about what to describe and what to leave! Why I love Pakistan? I love Pakistan because it’s the land of peace and beauty. It has given me shelter; I got education from its best institutes and now serving my country in my capacity both in government and private sectors.”

“I see a bright future ahead for Pakistan. We built Pakistan in the name of Allah, our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and Islam that is the reason that the protection, help and blessings of Allah Almighty remains with us.”

“Pakistan was made to live forever and it will live inshallah! May Allah bless my home, Amen!!”

Why We love Pakistan? It’s HOME!


Pakistan…’Zameen maa hoti hai’…Don’t exactly remember when my mother first explained to me this simplest yet most complex relationship of my life.  She told me not to allow the Green and White flag representing the honor of around 17 crore people to touch the floor. “Maa ka dopaata or Baap ki topi kbhi zameen pr nhi lgney dete, …or watan ka jhanda bhi”…I honestly don’t know since when these words of my mother became the center of my relationship with my country. I love Pakistan beyond logic, beyond reason, and beyond life.

Pakistan is my identity. As far as I can remember my childhood, loving Pakistan has always been a passion, a driving force for me. I have always believed that Pakistan is the best country in the world. Pakistan is like my mother to me. Others too have very loving mothers, but mine is the best one for me. Same goes for my country-the country I belong to. I have always felt that Pakistan loves me back, and Pakistan loves me more than I love her. Pakistan is the identity I carry with me, just like my father’s name. Pakistan is my pride, the absolute love of my life!

I have lived in Pakistan since my birth, and have visited almost all places, from Khyber to Mehran, from the Punjab Plains to Baluchistan. I love Pakistan because I belong here. Whenever I look back at my childhood, I find it marked with passionate national songs like ‘Watan ki Matti Gawah rehna’, ‘ye Watan Tumahara hai’ and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Do I need any other reason to love my country? It is my pride, it is the place I belong to. It has the culture I so fully understand, and which has such deep roots in me. It has the feeling I so remember and love. I do not need any other reason to justify my love for my country…It’s HOME.

Pakistan means HOME to me. It’s not only about having the mighty Indus, or the richest plains in the world, the highest mountain pass, K-2 and other highest peaks, the highest plateau and the highest desert of the world in one country, its the culture, the feeling of being at home, the feeling of independence, the feeling of belonging to the place where I live, the feeling of having deep roots in the soil of this country which make me love this country more than ever.

You can’t stop loving your home, even if it lacks something. Isn’t it the case? It’s home…and I love it. 🙂

Pakistan is facing the worst floods of the century. My people are brave. We are fighting these worst floods with courage. ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan wishes all Pakistanis a peaceful and blessed Independence Day.

May Allah bless us all!

Khuda krey k meri arz e Pak pr utrey…
Wo fasl-e-gul jisey andaisha-e-zawal na ho (Ameen)

ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our home


“The first of earthly blessings, INDEPENDENCE!!”

“Independence and freedom is every human’s need. Every one of us needs a land where we could practice every aspect of life with freedom and independence. Not every nation has been able to enjoy the breath of freedom but we the Pakistani people have seen the struggle of Pakistan and further realized it. Taking Pakistan for granted is surely not in our blood and we thank Allah every second of our lives for blessing us with the land of pure.”

Absolutely amazing and heartwarming love for Pakistan was expressed by Shamsa, who has been writing for various research institutes and newspapers. Ms. Syed expressed her love as:

“I believe if I could ever answer why I love my creator, why I love my mother or I could ever know why.”

“Allah loves us all 70 times more than our mothers do and why any mother is so selfless when it comes to her child, that day probably I would be able to exactly tell why I love Pakistan.”

“This post is just to express my gratitude to MY PAKISTAN for giving me an identity in this comity of nations. It’s this piece of land with which I so proudly relate myself. I love Pakistan because it is my pride. It gives me sense of security and protection, when I hear about so many “Shahzad Faisals” being arrested as suspects of terrorism in UK and USA. I love Pakistan because I can look up to it when so-called civilized world points its finger on me. Simply, I love Pakistan because it is My Pakistan. I know there are things we would like to change about Pakistan. But when it comes to loving your family, your home, you simply can’t be choosy. I love Pakistan for being my home.”

“Regarding future of Pakistan, I trust it’s very bright Insha Allah. Pakistan will survive through these bad patches by the grace of Allah and to dismay of many will rise and shine higher and higher.”

Pakistan Zindabad!

Why we love Pakistan? Because it adds up love in the times of gloom

Why do we love Pakistan?
“Ab mujhy koi intzar kahan…….there’s always a first time.”

A beautiful expression was added by Amber Raza while she was sharing her love and passion for Pakistan. A Marketer by profession, here is how Amber has expressed herself:

“I am unable to recall the day when I first time realized that I can think or feel. In other words, I can’t recall that day when I was introduced to myself. Amazingly my very first memory about myself starts from the day when I first time realized that I have wasted my whole life sleeping .I was four and a half at the time. After that I made sure I would be awake most of the time. Just to experience the taste of this wonderful gift of life. A gift of Pakistan!”

“Those were early days of 80s when I used to live abroad with my family. My family was among the working class who chose to move away from home land. Moving away from your country makes two kinds of major differences in life. First you become comparatively strong financially and secondly start to lose track of your originality. That’s what started to happen with me while living away from my homeland. I was unable to relate to different things happening in Pakistan. As we all know it’s always about first impression. My first impression about Pakistan was a place where you are free to do anything. I was really young to analyze that it’s not technically possible .But it does not make much of a difference now. I used to visit this amazing country along with my parents and every time it had something new to offer. Even the worst offered by this land thrilled me and made me fall in love with this pure country. I was 10 when during one of my visits I was introduced to curfew. To me it was pure adventure just like Indiana Jones. I never thought why in your own country you are not allowed to move freely by your own people. I guess I was not smart enough. This wonderful country of mine introduced me to this fact that how can people get happy on someone’s death as it can be a sign of relief for them.”

“Pakistan is a first place where I experienced first rain along with flood experience.”

“With each horrific experience my love for this country increased. This country has something strange about it. The more you think about it the more you fall for it. Things remained the same here since my child hood. To me it seems that we are reading the same script again and again. But the beauty of this script is retained as it gives us new angles every time. No earth quake, no flood and no corruption can stop us from being optimistic about Pakistan. To me we are amazingly brave people and that’s why I love my county and my people.”

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is the center of Islam

Karachi Pakistan

No matter how much worse the situation is in Pakistan, still the people of Pakistan, located in any part of world would die for this country. The unending attachment and unconditional love of Pakistani people abroad is overwhelming. Why shouldn’t they love Pakistan? Pakistan has a big heart that has been accepting everyone with compassion in every difficult time. Pakistan has given us an identity to travel around the world without any restriction. Pakistan has given us reasons and seasons to cheer and celebrate. Pakistan has given us artists and legends which are appreciated around the world. And on top of it, Pakistan has given us a platform which allows us to freely practice and apply Islamic ideology in the best of our capacities.

We had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Ali Yaqoob who is a System Analyst and Information systems team leader in Intel Corporation in UK. Mr. Ali thoroughly believes in religion and its implication in every aspect of life. He beautifully expressed his love by mentioning that he loves Pakistan due to its unique culture, moral values and norms. Mr. Ali loves Pakistan for amazing and mesmerizing cliffs in Balochistan to the sea in Sindh. Similarly Ali loves Pakistan for its dry lands in Punjab and beautiful mountain tops in the northern areas. Ali believes that although Pakistan is in trouble, but the nation will come out of the gloomy period by distinguishing between the right and wrong. Ali suggests that people should get education, practice religion and use both of these traits with honesty in every affair of life.

Even being in UK, Ali tends to share strong values and love for Islam. His overwhelming and unconditional love for Pakistan tells us much about the Pakistanis living abroad and their agony for their country’s situation. The brighter side is that people abroad are also hopeful and optimistic about the future of Pakistan. This hope and optimism is going to bring Pakistan out of troubles Insha Allah!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Why we Love Pakistan? Because it completes our hollow structure


The more you talk to people and try to know their emotions about Pakistan, the bigger picture changes not only for this nation but for the entire world. No wonder that the unconditional love and high spirits of this nation are driving force of this country. Muhammad Waqas Iqrar, a young chief operating officer and co-founder of Goodlogics shares his beautiful emotions with us as follows:

“Pakistan… It’s something part of my entity. I belong to the family who travelled across Arabian deserts to settle in this land of God. They had to migrate within this Indus soil many time before and after independence. My Immediate forefather had to start their lives a couple of time from scratch in this homeland yet they had marvelous satisfaction, courage and hope within which even can’t be seen in people living for centuries here. They share stories hardship of freedom struggle, living in shelters, Hajji Camps & moving on and on never complaining for anything. I think I inherited the same love & spirituality for this homeland instead of biasness & prejudices. I started my life from zero itself, with no vision & clear path to but by the Grace of Allah almighty, this homeland created paths for me to follow and made me what I am, and will be whole my Life.”

“If I have to tell why I love Pakistan, I seriously won’t be able to put words to it. I think love knows no reason no expectations, pre-conditions to exist. I don’t have any contradictions associated; it has my identity, my religion everything. Sometimes like a perfect motherhood. Finally If Pakistan is dragged out of me, there won’t be anything but a shallow structure or living thing will be left.”

“I know one thing, Pakistan came into being when my Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) predicted about it & When He (Peace Be Upon Him) forgave the Taif people for their brutality. It just got the name of ‘Pakistan’. We have disintegrated in 1970 and many time before it as well, so we can be in future as well, but every time we fall we get up with new zeal and courage. It’s not confined to a piece of Land or any ethnic group. In fact let me say currently most of the people living in it doesn’t really belong to it specially people who matter the most.”

“So talking about the future of identity & ideology of Pakistan, it will exist and remain till the Dooms day, till as single person who belongs to the Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) & the way of Life Allah send to us. People living in this piece of land will learn their lesson hard way and we will eventually rise to the sky. We are very fertile nation producing traitors but we too had some gems who sacrificed their lives & honor even for it. So hopes are high and I believe that 60 plus years are too few to judge the fate & course of Pakistan.

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