Morning TV Shows in Pakistan

Morning TV Shows

A great form of infotainment, in the present time of media is being given , every morning, in the form of Morning shows. But, again, there is always a brighter side of the pcture. Not all of the morning shows are bad.

Where Morning shows are providing entertainment and mere glamour awareness in their audience, there, some of them are doing a remarkable job, by spreading much needed awareness among people.

Currently, every channel, be it National or private, is broadcasting morning shows. Some of the most wanted morning shows among these are, Utho JAgo Pakistan on Geo TV, Good Morning Pakistan on Ary digital, Jago Paksitan Jago on Hum TV, and Muskurati Morning on TV one.

By far, Muskurati  Morning has the largest viewership rating. It has also been awarded as the best Morning show. The show is hosted by , actor Faisal Qureshi. Second best morning show, with second highest rating is Utho Jago Pakistan from Geo TV. The show is hosted by Shaista Wahidi. While the show Good Mornng Pakistan, hosted by Nida yasir comes third.

Morning with Farah from ATV , is another good informative morning show. More information content is provided in this show. Farah Hussain hosts this show.

Some other highly watched morning shows are , Jago Paksiatn Jago from Hum Tv and hosted by Fahad Mustafa, Subh ki Fiza from Aplus, hosted by Fiza ali, subha saweray samaa k sath from Samaa TV, Morning with Juggan, hosteb by Juggun Kazim , from PTV home and Geo Shan se, hosted by Shan from Geo News. Morning shows from Geo, HUM TV and ARY are more focused towards female issues, like weddings, weight loss and fashion awareness.


Popular Pakistani Singer Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali comes from a classical background and has received proper training for classical singing too. He was born in Karachi in the year 1966 on 24t August. Sajjad Ali is not only a successful singer but also has gained great fame as a songwriter and an accomplished producer, director along with being an actor. These are few of the many qualities and skills that Sajjad has attained over time, polishing them and making them better.

Sajjad Ali is the son of Shafqat Hussain and the cousin of the famous singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. Sajjad Ali has always been interested in arts and has been very creative. He did his F.A from Lahore, National College of Arts. Sajjad Ali’s father was a cricketer turned actor who was casted in a film “Badal aur Bijli” before the birth of his son. Shafqat taught his son himself the chords of classical singing once he saw Sajjad’s interest in music. Shafqat Hussain himself has played music with several legends of Patiala Gharana.

Sajjad Ali’s first album was released in the year 1973 by the name of “Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics”. This album was highly anticipated since there were many big names involved in this Album such as Mehdi Hassan, Amanat Ali Khan and Ghulam Ali Khan.

There are many Indian artists who have greatly admired Sajjad Ali’s work and his work ethic. Sajjad Ali also had the honour to be a part of Coke Studio. He also sang for the famous Lollywood film, Bol by Shoaib Mansoor.

Popular Urdu Writer Shafiq-ur-Rehman

Shafiq ur Rehman

Shafiq-ur-Rehman is Pakistan’s legendary humorist who gave a new look to Urdu humor and is the inspiration for many of the leading humorists nowadays.

He was born on November 9, 1920 in small town near Rohtak. Shafiq-ur-Rehman is responsible for bringing smiles to many of his readers if not all. A doctor serving in the Pakistan Army, it was with his humorous short stories that he earned his fame. Since his school days he had shown an inclination towards writing. Khayyam was the magazine which first published his stories. When he reached medical college, his first book was published. After MBBS he enlisted at Indian Army Medical Corps and took part in his duties in the Second World War. He then joined Pakistan Army after partition and gained the post of a General. Completing yet another medical course from Edinburgh, he retired from the Army and was made the Chairman of Academy of Letters. This institution flourished under his care and became a noticeable literary institution.

His books like “Dareecha”, “Insani Tamasha”, “Himaqtain”, “Dajla” etc added a whole new level of humor to Urdu literature. His prose was clear yet complex, simple yet complicated and his jokes had meanings beneath the surface but on the outside they assured everyone a laugh. His books, although funny were also addictive and there was no doubt he had created another world in his stories with the same variables and feelings as in real life. “Maddojazar”, “Pachtawen” and “Mazeed Himaktain” were also his books and are still classics in humorous Urdu writing.

A brilliant humorist, it was tragically ironic that his happy life was going to be turned upside down. The death of his son Khalique in an accident, the suicide attempt of his younger son and his wife’s prolonged illness meant that the humorist inside Shafiq was to be broken down by anguish and pain. Grief struck, this Pakistani legend passed away on March 19, 2000. On 23 March 2001 his son Atique, received the Hilal-e-Imtiaz Award which was bestowed upon him due to his services for his military and civilian services.

Most Popular Pop Singer from Pakistan-Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed was born on 3rd September, 1964 in Karachi. He belongs to an Air Force family and like his father Junaid Jamshed was greatly inclined towards Air Force himself but due to his weak eye sight soon shifted to Aeronautical Engineering from UET, Lahore.

Junaid Jamshed entered the music industry by becoming the lead singer of the band Vital Signs. The band Vital Signs rose to fame as soon as they entered the market in 1986. Junaid was still a fresh graduate of Aeronautical Engineering. Junaid Jamshed initially started it out as a hobby but later made a huge career out of it.

“Dil Dil Pakistan” was the debut song of the band which made it rise to fame. In 1994 the band split up after a long list of chart topping albums and many hit songs. Junaid then started his solo career as a singer. “Us Rah Par” and “Na Tu Aayegi” were two of his famous solo songs that still are being hummed by millions on several occasions. In 2001, “Dil Ki Baat” was released, it was the last album released by Junaid Jamshed, the pop singer.

After 2001, Junaid Jamshed distanced himself from the music industry and in 2004 renounced music and declared to devote his life to Islam. He also opened a clothing store so to earn and support his family. After this major change on his personality, he has created and presented several “Naats” which are very soothing for the ears and heart. He has launched 7 albums of Nasheed altogether and intends to produce many more.

Popular Singer, Sitcom Director and Actor Jawad Bashir

Jawad Bashir

Jawad Bashir is one of the most talented modern era artists from Pakistan. He is involved not only with acting but has also tried and well succeeded with his skills in singing and direction. Like many other popular artists he has also spent his educational life at National College of Arts, Lahore.

His Early Works “VJ”

Jawad Bashir has used his Alma matter as a place for his new production known as “VJ”. He has carried out this endeavor with his friends. Most notable among that group of friends is Ahsan Khan who is not only a musician but is also working with special effects and direction. This show was liked by the majority and this is where he gained all his popularity from.

Jawad Bashir a Musician

He later moved on to making sitcoms. He gained much popularity as a sitcom director through his work. National College of Arts – his former educational institute, was put to use for each of his sitcoms. Other than the sitcom direction he also kept himself busy with a music band known as “Dr. Aur Billa” and has made many humorous songs in collaboration with that band.

His Popular Directions

Jawad Bashir has also been appreciated as a trendy video director. Not only has he made wonderful videos but he has also made a million viewers laugh with their production. His work involves use of quality humor. His videos can come across as funny without being lame. “Teen Bata Teen”, “Shashlik”, “Wrong Number” and “Motor Challah Pum Pum” are a few sitcoms, directed by Jawad Bashir, that were great hits.

Popular Pakistani Poet Jaun Ailya

Jaun Elia

Jaun Ailya was born on the 14th of December 1931 and produced wonderful pieces of art until his demise in 2002 on the 8th of November. He was not only a distinguished Urdu poet but he was also a philosopher, biographer and scholar. He was not the only creative one in his family, his brother; Rais Amrohvi was a well-known journalist and philosopher. His other brother, Syed Muhammad Taqi was a very popular Psychoanalyst as well as a journalist. Jaun Ailya married Zahida Hina who was a very popular columnist. Jaun Ailya other than possessing all these abilities and such a rich background, he also had an exceptional ability to speak various languages, some which included Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Hebrew.

His Literary Work

Jaun Ailya had just the right environment at house to develop his abilities that he possessed. He was so inspired and motivated that he composed his first Urdu couplet just at the age of 8. His first poetry collection, titled as “Shayad” which is an Urdu word for “maybe”, published in 1991. At that time he was 60 years of age. The preface to his book can really prove to be a great insight in the culture and traditions of the sub-continent.  Just the preface to his book can be considered as a fine piece of literature.

Praise for Jaun Ailya

“Yani” was later published in 2003. One of his good friends, Khalid Ansari got the other three of his books published. They were titled as “Guman”, “Laikin” and “Goya”. Dr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui referred to him as one of the three most prominent Urdu Ghazal poets of the twentieth century.

Popular Artist from Pakistan-Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah is a very creative person who has worked with all his heart to bring forth sector of performing arts. Jamal was born in 1956 in Baluchistan. Jamal Shah is an actor, director, painter and a social worker. He has a heart of gold and goes out of way to help people around him.

Jamal Shah has made great contributions to the media industry. He has played different characters in several different dramas. He later turned into a director to make dramas according to his taste. Jamal Shah with his efforts laid foundation to the fine arts department in Baluchistan University. Since the department was his brainchild, he was also appointed as its head. Jamal headed this department successfully for three years after which he passed it on to fellow colleagues.

Jamal Shah also created Artists Association in Pakistan. It was one of its kind  for the artists, it was founded in 1985 and benefited many artists around the country. Jamal Shah is one of the few artists in Pakistan who have achieved their education in the very same field.

Jamal Shah also laid foundation for Hunerkada – the stepping stone for many future artists. He polishes them with the greatest of teachers and the best of environment. Jamal Shah envisions Pakistan to be in the top country lists for performing arts. His contributions can never be forgotten. Jamal was made the Executive Director in PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts) in 2007. Jamal has won the hearts of many  people due to his generosity and the affection he has given to all his students.

Popular female singer of Pakistan: Naheed Niazi

Popular female Pakistani singer nahid-niazi-

Naheed Niazi was a popular playback singer of Pakistan. She was widely known for her melodious voice. Not only was she liked by the older group but she was equally liked by the younger generation. She was born in 1941, on the 26th of February. She is now 71 years old.

Early Career

She belonged to the Punjab region of Pakistan. She started with play back singing as her career in the late 1950s, in the year 1958- to be more precise. The first hit track that she sang was a duet with her partner singer, Ahmed Rushdi.


She went on to marry a composer from Pakistan. His name was Muslehudin. He helped Naheed Niazi with his music composition. Most of his compositions for Naheed Niazi’s songs made them a huge success. After getting married to each other, the couple moved to United Kingdom. This immigration of the couple made Pakistani cinema suffer a great deal as it lost two of the most precious pearls that made Pakistani cinema a sensation of that time.

Present of Naheed

In the later period of the 1960s, both Naheed Niazi and Muslehudin appeared in a show for children. This show was aimed at teaching them how to sing well. Both the husband and wife gave regular appearances in the show. Now a day Naheed Niazi is rocking United Kingdom with a comeback concert. Her concert’s tickets are all sold out and that shows how popular she used to be and still is.

Famous female singer of Pakistan: Mala (Naseem Nazli)

Popular Pakistani singer mala

Popular Pakistani female singer Mala’s birth name was Naseem Nazli. She changed her name to Mala after her first big hit since she was advised by many to choose a simpler yet different name so to be remembered by all the people. She was also blessed to be the sister of a very famous composer of her time, Shameem Nazli. Mala was born in Faisalabad which issituated in the province Punjab of Pakistan. She was from an upper middle class family who not only encouraged their children to flourish but also tried to get them training for what they wanted to do in life.

Fortunately for Mala, during those years having an Ustaad to learn singing was common. She also was fortunate to have her elder sister, the very talented Shameem to teach her the basics of singing. Shameem also tried very hard to get her sister Naseem a breakthrough in the musical career. Naseem got her first chance and recorded two Punjabi songs for the movie Aabroo with the great composer Ghulam Ahmed Chishti. Unfortunately for her the film flopped and her songs too went by unnoticed.

Later Mala recorded much simpler songs in Urdu by the persuasion of Anwar Kamal who strongly urged Naseem to give another shot to the singing career in the film industry. Not until the year 1962 did Mala come into the limelight. She sang with numerous singers and became very famous with her sensual voice especially in songs regarding heartbreak. Her song Akaile Na Jana is famous even till now and many singers have covered it in their own way. Mala was replaced by Runa Laila and in 1990 she died in financial crisis after living in harsh realities of world.

Pakistani Pop Music Group from Melodious 90s-Awaaz


Awaaz was a pop rock band of three boys that formed in 1992. Being the brainchild of Haroon Rashid, he was responsible for the recruits. Haroon was still in Washington completing his college degree from the George Washington University when he first thought of the band name and the genre he wanted to aim.

Faakhir was a keyboard player in those times and was one of the many friends of Faakhir so he was instantly recruited into the band as soon as Haroon returned to his homeland. Later he met Assad Ahmed in Marriott who was asked to join the band too.

Awaaz songs and performances

The band first did several performances at different locations. Once the hype was created, the band thought of recording and releasing a music video. After many hardships, the band received a sponsorship from a private company for the shooting cost of the video; they were also signed by a record company. The video was not aired by any music channel in Pakistan and received negative remarks throughout but yet Haroon did not give up and sent the video to MTV Asia. MTV Asia liked the song and aired it, making it the first ever Urdu or Hindi pop song to be aired on the channel.

From ten till 1996 Awaaz had a lot of major hits and gained a lot of fame. From time to time they worked with great musicians such as Gumby and Amir Zaki. The band slowly came down in two years that followed and by 1998 the group had officially split up.

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