Lakes of Pakistan – Ucchali Lake

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Ucchali Lake Pakistan

Birth Location Water Area
400 yrs back Salt range Saltish 800m abovesea level

On the south of salt range in the Soan Sakaser valley, in its higher cliffs are three very beautiful and attractive lakes. One of them is Ucchali lake which is surrounded by a vast cultivated land and vegetation and provide a worth watching scene. The lake originated due to no drainage in the salt range. It gets water mainly in spring with the seeping water from the salt ranges and drains from the near by area. The water is saline and saltish.

The rare bird called Oxyura Leucocephala which is a white headed bird migrates here in winters from Central Asia.

The lake water is believed to have cure for many skin diseases and gout. Locals also believe that there is a volcano underneath the lake due to which the color of its water keeps on changing. The highest peak of the salt range having 4993 ft looms over Ucchali lake. Though the saline water makes this a lifeless lake yet its scenic beauty and locals beliefs about its curing qualities attract quite a number of tourists. They can also enjoy boating as boats are available on the lake.

Lakes of Pakistan – Subri lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Subri Lake - Muzaffarabad

Location Birth
Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir 1975

This lake is also called Langarpura Lake. It is located  near Muzzafarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. This beautiful city is located at the confluence of the two rivers namely Neelum and Jhelum between the majestic mountains. River Jhelum passes from East to West joining River Neelum at Domel in Muzaffarabad. The combining of the two waters with moutains on the sides looks appealing even without actual visit.

The Upper Jhelum valley is another beautiful area near Muzafarabad. The road under the Domel bridge will take you to the old way to Srinagar. It’s a broad valley above the river. About 10 kilometers from here, the curling  river widens to form a small lake called the Subri( Langarpura) Lake. Maize and Rice fields surround the area. This lake was formed due to the landsliding. In 1975 a cloud burst over the nearby hill and this lake came into existence. There is a small Ansler’s Hut beside the lake to attract tourists. Further on this road is Ghari Dupata, it’s a small town which is another place worth visiting.

Lakes of Pakistan – Simli Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Simli Lake - Islamabad

Location Water Importance
30 km fromIslamabad Drinking water Simli Dam

This lake is about 15 minutes drive towards Murree from the Convention Centre and is about 19 miles from Islamabad. It formed with the water coming down from the melting snow of the Murree hills.

Simli Dam is built on the lake, which is 80 meters high and is on the River Soan. It is 30 kilometres away from the twin cities. The water in the dam is the biggest resource of drinking water for the inhabitants of the capital city, Islamabad. The CDA (Capital Development Authority) has constructed a cozy rest house in Simli Dam. But you need to have the permission from the CDA head office in Islamabad. About 100 m before the dam, a road goes to Patriata – Gulahrra Gali. Around this road are the two small cities named Bun and Crore. These cities are under Murree Kahuta Development Authority.

Boating and Fishing are the main attractions of the lake, but you need the permission from the CDA head office located in Islamabad.

Simli Lake and Dam is both a huge drinking water resource and a nice recreational place. Located near the capital city of Pakistan, it is one beautiful valley. The lake itself is very beautiful.

Lakes of Pakistan – Shonter Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Shonter Lake - Neelum Valley

This is a small but very beautiful natural lake. It is located in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. It is also called the Jewel of Neelum because of its unique beauty and spectacular view.

The trek to the lake is a bit tough so is only recommended for regular trekkers. The Neelum Valley from  Kel divides into two sub valleys namely- Shonter valley and Graze Valley. From the Domail Bala ( Neelum Side) it takes around a day long climbing to reach to this lake. After this point there are very residents. You might find few summer huts of locals on the lake. The lake has a breathtaking beauty and is surrounded by mountains with mighty heights.

Horses can also be hired from Kel and now there is also a jeep route to reach the lake. The other beautiful sites nearby which you will visit on your way to the Shonter lake are the Shonter and the Kamri Pass. Neelum valley in Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan is well known to the tourits. This is one region of the world which is home to so many lakes which attract tourists. Shonter lake is one of these lakes too which receives many visitors every year.

Lakes of Pakistan – Sheosar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Sheosar Lake - Deosai Plains

Location Max. 








Deosai Plains 2.3 km 

1.4 miles


1.2 miles

40 m 4,142 m 

13,589 ft

This lake is also called Shausar Lake. It is located in Deosai Plains in the Northern areas.Deosai Plains is one of the highest plateaus of the world with the average height of about 4,114 metres above sea level. The lake is in the premises of the Deosai National Park. It is situated in Skardu, Gilgit- Baltistan. The area is full of natural beauty especially in spring. The whole surroundings get covered with wide variety of colorful flowers and butterflies. It looks like a magical land with mysterious beauty. Between the months of November to May the whole area of Deosai is snow bound.

Sheosar lake means Blind Lake, as Sheo in Shina language means “Blind” and Sar means “Lake”

The lake is accessible through two routes. One is via Skardu and the other via Astore District. The road through Skardu can be covered by jeep in few hours and if treked it can take 2 days time. From the Astore through chilum comes this lake before going to the Deosai. The mighty Himalaya moutains are visible all around the area with majestic heights and endless beauty. The rare species of Brown Bear is present in the area. The lake is one of the main attraction of the Deosai Plains. Its beautiful waters and natural surroundings make the visit unforgettable.

Lakes of Pakistan – Satpara Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Satpara Lake - Skardu Valley

Location Elevation Water type Area
Skardu Valley, 



8,650 ft above sea level

Fresh 2.5 sq. km

This is a very important lake of Skardu Valley. First of all because, it is a major resource of water to the town and secondly it is one of the most heavenly beatiful lake of Pakistan. It is also one of the largest fresh water lake in the country. Lake is home to large number of fish which encourages fishing in the lake.  Activities like Boating and Rowing are also part of it s attractions for the tourists. A nice motel is also built on the lake by PTDC giving a captivating scenery for its guests.  It is around 9 km from Skardu and takes around 20 minutes on a jeep. If you want to visit world’s 2nd largest plateau i.e. Deosai Plain, it is only an hours drive from here.

The Pakistani Government announced in 2002 that a dam will be made on Satpara Lake. An amount of Rs. 600 million were allocated in 2004 for the project, but due to changes in the governments the project didn’t gain much pace.

Locals of this area think that in the bottom of this lake there is a gold mine because of which the water shines brightly in the day time.

Lakes of Pakistan-Saif ul Muluk Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Saiful Maluk Lake - Kaghan Valley

Location Surface area Altitude
North end of 

Kaghan valley

2.75 km 3,224m 

10,578 ft

It is one of the highest lakes of Pakistan located under the hills of Malika Parbat mountain which itself is 5291m high being the highest in Kaghan valley. The reflection of the mighty mountain shines in the lake giving a breathtaking scene. An underground river flows into the lake whose depth is a mystery. The 14km distance from Naranby a road via Balakot and Kaghan to the lake is covered on jeep during summers. If this road is taken on foot it will take around 4-6 hours. The lake water is so clear because of the multiple glaciers around the high basin which feed the lake. The clarity of water gives it an unmatched beauty. This remarkably beautiful lake is also famous for the fairly tale of Saiful Maluk. The sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh is related to the Lake. A poet and writer of Balakot Ahmad Hussain Mujahid also wrote a book on it which got published in 1999. It’s a love story of a prince of Persia and a fairy princess at the lake. The enchanted beauty of the lake has made people believe that fairies come down to the lake during the nights of full moon.

The weather at the lake is moderate in day time but during the night it drops to even minus degrees. Lake Saiful Muluk is ranked as the fifth popular tourist destination in Pakistan. The district has been flourishing its tourism industry due to its snow capped mountains and this lake. It is about 3000 feet above ground level and its water reflects many colors at the same time. Hotels will also be build here to encourage more tourists.

Lakes of Pakistan – Rush Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Rush Lake - Nagar Valley

Location Water Type Outflows Surface 


Nagar Valley 

15 km from Miar Peak

Glacial Miar 


15,400 ft 


In the northern areas of Pakistan there are many spectacular lakes, one of which is Lake Rush. This lake is one of the world’s highest alpine lake. Few kilometers away are the Spantik or the Golden Peak and the Miar Peak. It is a high altitute lake and is located very close to the Rush Pari Peak which is 5,098 meters high. The Rush Peak is a good spot for mountaineers without much training because it is easy to climb in summers as compared to other mountains. But in winters climbing becomes much difficult due to heavy snow fall.

If you want to reach this lake you can either take the route via Hopar and Nagar or via Hopar Glacier  commonly known as Bualtar Glacier and the Miar Glacier. The journey to this lake is full of amazingly beautiful views. You will see Malubiting, Phuparash Peak, Ultar Sar and Spantik on the trek to Rush lake.

The lake is covered with snow in winters but in summers the lake is surrounded by lush green grass with beautiful flower trees. People do lots of fishing here. Muskie is one of the common fish in the lake. Tourists also do camping in summers and even play golf in the gardens around this beautiful lake.

Lakes of Pakistan – Rawal Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Rawal Lake - Islamabad

Location Water Catchment Area Surface Area Max. depth
Margalla Hills 


Reservoir 106.25 sq. m 8.8 sq km 102 ft

Rawal Lake is an artifical water reservoir of water providing water to the twin cities-Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is situated within the territory of Margallah Hills National Park. The PTDC has made restaurant and boating facilities to attract visitors. Dam is also constructed on the lake named as Rawal Dam. Several tourists visit this lake and enjoy a nice holidays with their families. Boating, diving, water skating and sailing are the main attractions of the place. These activities are organized by private clubs. Islamabad club offers sporting facilities on the west of the lake.

The lake is surrounded by a well maintained green area with beautiful flowers and trees. The gardens around the lake are full of plants and fountains. Different picnic spots and paths are made for the tourists. The hill top near the lake shows a dynamic scene of Murree  hills, Margalla hills and the twin cities.

If you are enjoy bird watching, this could be a right place for you. Large number of  birds come to this lake and fly around it all day. To facilitate tourism a park full of walking tracks and sitting area is now located by the side of this beautiful lake.

Lakes of Pakistan – Rama Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Rama Lake - Astore Valley

Location Elevation
9 km from Astore valley, 




Rama Valley is nearly 3300 m above sea level. In winters the valley is covered with snow for more than seven months each year but in summers it is filled with greenery everywhere. There are thick forests with trees like pine, fir, juniper and cedar.

On the way to Rama Lake there comes Astore villages. From there it’s a 2-3 hours drive to the lake. Astore has been upgraded to a district of Gilgit Baltistan since 2005. There are around 50 small villages in Astore out of which Chilm is the most beautiful. It is the strating point of Deosai ( 2nd highest plane of the world). This lake is located in choungrah where the locals are called Chougroch.

Camping is very popular in summer season in this area and the road to the lake is quite well maintained. Tourists really enjoy  the drive and stay in the valley due to the captivating scenery all around. PTDC has also established a nice motel on the lake and many families stay there and witness the beautiful sunset and sunrise for many days. Trekers and Hikers also get lots of routes and jeep safari is also enjoyable. The mountaineers wishing to explore the mighty heights of the great Nanga Parbat camp on the lake and then move forward. Rama lake is surely a heavely place to visit.

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