An Interview with Sarmad Sehbai

MaheMir, an upcoming Pakistani film starring Iman Ali and Fahad Mustafa in lead roles will be in cinemas from May 6, 2016. Team All About Pakistan interviewed the writer of this film, Sarmad Sehbai sahab, to know more about his work and this film. MaheMir Writer, Sarmad Sehbai

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Popular Pakistani Author Pitras Bukhari

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Popular Pakistani Author Pitras Bukhari Read more..

Popular Urdu Writer Shafiq-ur-Rehman

Shafiq ur Rehman

Shafiq-ur-Rehman is Pakistan’s legendary humorist who gave a new look to Urdu humor and is the inspiration for many of the leading humorists nowadays.

He was born on November 9, 1920 in small town near Rohtak. Shafiq-ur-Rehman is responsible for bringing smiles to many of his readers if not all. A doctor serving in the Pakistan Army, it was with his humorous short stories that he earned his fame. Since his school days he had shown an inclination towards writing. Khayyam was the magazine which first published his stories. When he reached medical college, his first book was published. After MBBS he enlisted at Indian Army Medical Corps and took part in his duties in the Second World War. He then joined Pakistan Army after partition and gained the post of a General. Completing yet another medical course from Edinburgh, he retired from the Army and was made the Chairman of Academy of Letters. This institution flourished under his care and became a noticeable literary institution.

His books like “Dareecha”, “Insani Tamasha”, “Himaqtain”, “Dajla” etc added a whole new level of humor to Urdu literature. His prose was clear yet complex, simple yet complicated and his jokes had meanings beneath the surface but on the outside they assured everyone a laugh. His books, although funny were also addictive and there was no doubt he had created another world in his stories with the same variables and feelings as in real life. “Maddojazar”, “Pachtawen” and “Mazeed Himaktain” were also his books and are still classics in humorous Urdu writing.

A brilliant humorist, it was tragically ironic that his happy life was going to be turned upside down. The death of his son Khalique in an accident, the suicide attempt of his younger son and his wife’s prolonged illness meant that the humorist inside Shafiq was to be broken down by anguish and pain. Grief struck, this Pakistani legend passed away on March 19, 2000. On 23 March 2001 his son Atique, received the Hilal-e-Imtiaz Award which was bestowed upon him due to his services for his military and civilian services.

Famous writer and columnist of Pakistan: Mustansar Hussain Tarar

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Popular travel writer of Pakistan: Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Famous writer of Pakistan Mustansar Hussain Tarar was born at Ghakkhatr. He was born in 1939 because of which he witnessed the great partition of the subcontinent and the happenings initiated by this partition. He observed these events keenly at Lahore. He was the son of Rehmat Khan Tarar. Rehmat Khan Tarar used to run a small seed business. His business turned out to be very profitable gradually and a time came when he was the best among his competitors.


Mustansar Hussain Tarar was educated at Lahore and London. His Alma matters at Lahore included Rang Mehal Mission High School, Muslim Model High School and Government College Lahore. His time spent broad was spent in trying his skills at the theatre, watching movies and indulging in literature.

He was part of the world Youth Festival organized at Moscow in 1957. Mustansar Hussain Tararwrote a book based on his experience at The World Youth Festival which was greatly admired by his fans. In 1971 he got his first book published. The book was titled “Nikley Teri Talash Main”. He dedicated this work to his youngest brother.

Travel and Writing

Mustansar Hussain Tarar is accredited to have been the pioneer of a new trend in Pakistani Literature. It is that of writing Travelogues. He has written forty of such travelogues.  These were often composed in a novel or short story style. These works were also composed off in newspaper columns and television dramas. He has also put his acting skills to use. Mustansar Hussain Tarar has been hosting the live telecast of PTV’s morning show since 1988. The morning show was titled “Subuh Bakhair”. 

Famous play writer of Pakistan Television: Muneer Ahmed Qureshi (Munnu Bhai)

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popular columnist and drama writer Munnu Bhai

His name is mostly associated with column writing but Muneer Ahmed Qureshi or ‘Munnu Bhai’, as he is better known as, has put on paper a few of the most remembered and revered drama serials in Pakistani television history. He has been one of the most outstanding and consistent writers in Pakistan. Born in the British Indian subcontinent in Wazirabad, Punjab, he finished his schooling from the Government College Attock. Initially he worked as a translator for an Urdu newspaper but eventually developed into a playwright and dramatist with exceptional capacity and skills. He devoted most of his pen and ink to PTV.

‘Sona Chandi’ is his most famous drama serial up to date and has won him much praise for his talented writing. A story about a village couple who moves to the city to earn money and attain a better standard of life, it is still etched into the minds of its viewers for its well-built and well executed plot as well as its humorous story line. He also ventured into long plays, producing immensely entertaining plays such as ‘Gumshuda’ and ‘Khubsurat’ which were well received by the audience and drew favorable comments from the critics. He also inked down another renowned drama serial ‘Ashiyaana’ which was characterized by its buoyant and optimistic plot as well as for highlighting family values. His drama serial ‘Dasht’ was another one of his brilliant works and portrayed the life style, cultural traditions as well as the backwardness of the Balochi tribes based in Gwadar. 


Munnu Bhai is an immensely multi-talented man. As well as being a playwright and dramatist, his Punjabi poetry is considered as one of the best works in recent Punjabi literature and poetry. A regular columnist for the Daily Jang, Munnu Bhai is considered to be among the elite of Pakistan’s best and brightest columnists. He is loyal to the Pakistan’s People Party and his columns  speaks volumes for the poor and suffering of the country. He is also of the chaperon of the Sundas Foundation.

Popular Pakistani Writer Bano Qudsia

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Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia is a very famous writer and play writer from Pakistan. Bano Qudsia was born on 28th of November, 1928. She was not only fluent in writing novels and short stories but she was also popular as a play writer. The popular characteristics of Bano Qudsia include her intelligence and spiritualism. She is a popular Urdu writer but has also written in Punjabi for theater and television.

Her most popular novel was “Raja Gidh”. Bano Qudsia was born in Ferozpur, Punjab but as the partition crisis was going on she came to Lahore along with her family. Her father was a bachelor’s degree holder in the field of agriculture and beside that he was a landlord.

In her school days, she was studying in Eastern India, at Dharamsala before her family shifted to Lahore during the partition. Her mother was involved with the education industry. Qudsia Bano married Ashfaq Ahmed, a very popular and renowned Pakistani writer. Qusia Bano has many writings under her belt for college journals and issues. She passed her graduation degree from the Kinnaird College in Lahore and was done with her Master in Urdu in 1951 from the Government College Lahore.

Some of her popular short stories are; “Bazgasht”, “Amar Bail”, “DoosraDarwaza” and “TwajjukiTalib” and some of her popular plays are; Tamasil, Hawa key Naam, Seharay and Khaleej. She has been tackling feminist topics other than the societal and economy ones.

Popular Pakistani Writer Anwar Maqsood

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Anwar Maqsood

In Pakistani media, the name Anwar Maqsood is synonymous with entertainment. Displaying a gentle yet serious and wise face, his immense intelligence is perhaps portrayed in his witty remarks and answers. One of Pakistan’s best loved compares writers, satirists and playwrights, he depicts numerous other talent which make him a multi talented personality like no other.

For more than 35 years he has been entertaining his viewers, readers and fans. Born in British India and getting his education from Gulbarga Trust School Aurangabad, he began his career by hosting shows for PTV. Noticed for his humor and in depth grasp of various subjects he was presented with many opportunities. ‘Studio Dhai’, ‘Studio Ponayteen’ and ‘Sho Sha’ are among his earlier works. He has also written popular songs for the internationally recognized band named ‘Strings’ whose lead singer, Bilal Masood is his son. Anwar Maqsood  has being painting for more than 30 years!

Loose Talk is one of his most famous shows. Starring alongside another of Pakistan’s best humorist Moin Khan, Anwar Maqsood took the show to unparalleled heights in term of comedy shows. Moin Akhtar dresses up as influential personalities or just common people while Anwar quizzes him. The exchange between these two giants of humor is sure to crack everyone up. Fifty Fifty is also another of his shows to receive wide spread recognition. ‘Hum Pai Jo Guzarti Hai’, ‘Majoo Mian’ and “Half Plate” are also his enjoyable creations.


Pakistani Writer, Poet, Activist -Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto, a woman who could have entered mainstream politics in Pakistan due to her family associations yet chose to channel her talents into journalism. Currently a writer and columnist, she has published three books and is an activist but has no links with any political parties.

Daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto and twice Prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto was born in Afghanistan. At the age of three her parents separated and she moved from country to country with her father. Her father eventually re-married Ghinwa Bhutto, and it is to her that Fatima credits her upbringing. After completing her secondary education she went abroad to Manhattan’s Barnard College and then to the SAOS at the University of London for her degrees in Middle Eastern Languages and South Asian studies respectively. 

Her book ‘8.50 a.m. 8 October 2005’ portrays the living memories and firsthand, terrible accounts of those who survived the devastating 2005 earthquake. She had already distinguished herself as a promising poet by her compilations of poem ‘Whispers in the Desert’ at the astounding age of 15. She wrote another book named ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’.

Fatima started off as a daily column writer in Pakistan’s famous newspaper Jang and its English twin ‘The News’. Currently she works for The Daily Beast and The new Statesmen, writing columns. She also reported live and on the spot, the Israeli invasion o fLebanon.

AlthoughFatima is ever active in the political arena she has repeatedly stated that she has no intentions of entering mainstream politics. This is particularly due to the fact that she disapproves of the effects of family politics on the country. In fact she plans to cause awareness and be vigorous in the political scene of the country, but only through her pen and not any sorts of political office.

Famous Pakistani Author (Novelist) Hashim Nadeem

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Hashim Nadeem

Hashim Nadeem is Pakistan’s writing prodigy, having earned much acclaim due to his novels and scripts. Completing his intermediate from cadet college Petaro after receiving early education in Quetta, Hashim Nadeem opted for medicine at the Bolan medical college end eventually joined the civil service as assistant commissioner. His popularity increased due to his different and exclusive style and his ability to take any situation and mould it in a way so as to interest the audience. His work showed off his natural talent to express feelings like passion, hunger and other human emotions very easily. A man who is admired and whose work is enjoyed by the critics as well, it is no surprise that he is being perceived as the new face in fictional writing. He has 11 drama serials and 27 telefilms to his credits, produced and in some cases directed by himself. His drama serial ‘Sipahee’ which was aired on PTV, has been awarded for the best drama serial at the Bolan Awards. Other drama serials written by him include ‘Hijaab’ and ‘Khuda aur Mohabbat’ which he himself has produced and directed. Although a new entry, Hashim Nadeem has shown his talent with exemplary skill and technique.

Nadeem basically started as a novel writer. Khuda Aur Mohabbat was his first novel and it was a bestseller, immediately projecting him to great heights as new writer. It also made a great impact internationally and was much praised. His second novel Abdullah is the first novel by a Pakistani writer about a compulsory part of faith for Jews, the Holocaust. Beautifully written, it once again highlights Hashim’s natural talent to express human emotions without breaking a sweat. ‘Bachpan ka December’ and ‘Mukaddas’ are his other two novels. A writer tipped for greatness, Hashim Nadeem is truly an exciting prospect for the writing community.

Talented Drama Writer from Pakistan-Haseena Moin

Talented Drama Writer from Pakistan-Haseena Moin

Perhaps the best dramatist and playwright in Pakistani history, Haseena Moin has written plays, drama serials and films. She has done it all. Her work has gained international recognition in the field of writing. Haseena Moin with her family migrated from highly populated city of Kanpur (India) to Rawalpindi, Pakistan , moving further on to Lahore and finally Karachi where she eventually settled.  Haseena  Moin graduated from the Government College for Women in 1960 and later on got her masters from The University of Karachi in History. Read more..

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