Climate of Pakistan


The climate of Pakistan is as diverse as its topography. In the north the home of mountains, the winters are extremely cold with temperature in minus. Most areas remain covered with snow for most part of the year. The severe cold at times forces people to migrate to warmer places. The summers are cool and the best time to visit these places. The northern areas receive their fair share of rains.

The plains of Punjab have hot sultry summers and cold winters. They also receive a lot of rain during monsoons.

Baluchistan has very hot summers and cold winters. Some parts of Baluchistan like Ziarat and Quetta receive snowfall during winter. Baluchistan gets its rain during winter.

The coastal areas of Sindh and Baluchistan enjoy mildly cold winter season. The summers are hot but the cool sea breeze makes it bearable. They receive erratic rainfall. Upper Sindh experiences very hot summer and cold winters and it rains mostly in monsoon.

Pakistan is a unique country from climatic point of view. Within the span of Pakistan, almost all kinds of climatic conditions can be experienced. From the mild small range climate of the coastal regions where oceanic effect is also felt in winters, the extreme continental climate with very hot summers are also experienced in Pakistan.

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