Destiny of Kashmir – Pakistan or India?


1947 saw the first of many fights which the world witnessed between Pakistan and India, over Kashmir. Although more than 70% of the population of Kashmir is Muslims, the Raja of Jammu and Kashmir politically found it convenient to join hands with India on the time of partition. Muslim Kashmiris were too depressed on this act and rebelled. In a fit of desperation, Raja signed the accession treaty with India as Indian troops took over one part of Kashmir. Until this date, the other part of Kashmir belongs to Pakistan.

After the first war of 1947, the valley was divided into two parts. Pakistan had control over a thin strip of land encompassing Western Kashmir, Gilgit, and Baltistan. The rest of Kashmir came under the control of India. But the point was that the UN treaty had made it clear that the state was a disputed territory and neither of the countries could lay claims to it. This led to indecision and ill feelings between the two nations, a matter still unresolved 64 years later.

Is it not time all of us learn to make peace? That is all we could say. Democracy and the sorting out a problem through political discussions can lead us to prosperity, while incidents like the 1948, 1965, and the 1971 wars will only hinder the progress of both countries.

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4 Responses to “Destiny of Kashmir – Pakistan or India?”
  1. Sayyaji says:

    Thats true! We ( Pakistanis & Indians) should learn to make peace. Issue of Kashmir could be solved only if kashmiries are allowed to vote and take their own decision.

  2. QM Nawaz says:

    O,PLEASE ,how can ve b so selfish,nd egoestic about kashmir,let them choose,their destnetion,nd stop bludy american,s to involveing in pakistans matter. nd thanks Saira for beautifull coments,as u r.

  3. sameer says:

    I feel patriotism is the root cause for the absence of peace.People in both the countries, india and pakistan, view the situation or if i could use liberty (the one which both the countries collectively won against the British) i would say they view any situation through the prism of their respective nationalities.Indians and Pakistanis both, feel that if one of the country looses their clutch on the region they would make it a paradise again.Like either of them has recreated paradise in their own respective administrated regions other than Kashmir.In an ideal world, if both the countries had governments that really cared about the kashmiris (hello!..the people who are really suffering here..) they would stop their respective armies to be active in the region and push the Democratic forces in.A process that is loosely called as ‘ at-last development ‘.In the war for territorial acquisition there cannot be any long lasting winner(No! lets talk about Afghanistan then[..]).Only the war for hearts can have one.
    If any one irrespective of their nationality has felt otherwise or felt hurt,then i would like to inform you that its just my personal opinion and there are no chances that my neighbor(like the one living in the next house) would ever think the same.This is what i feel personally.I also feel that writers who smoke are the prime reason for long sentences.They use up the time for pressing on ‘full stop’ to fill their lungs with carbon monoxide and find clever lexicon to escape the omission grammatically unhurt.But that issue is not relevant here i suppose.I also suppose that you may not be knowing what lexicon is and will finally touch the dictionary .Please don’t misunderstand me,i was just trying to see if that collective liberty we won together could be overused to make cynical jokes. Consider this last sentence as my genuine apology if i really pissed you off.

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