Lakes of Pakistan – Dudipatsar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Dudipatsar Lake - Kaghan Valley

Location Elevation Water
Kaghan Valley 

Khyber Makhtunkhoya


12,467 ft


‘Dudi’means white and the word ‘Sar’ means lake. This lake is also called Dudipat Lake.  The name has been given to the lake because it is surounded by white snow capped mountains. It is located in the north of Kaghan Valley, about 4 hr drive from Naran. The area opens every year from June to September only, because of heavy snow in the rest of the months. It is better to visit after 25th of July. Visitors have to trek for about 6-8 hours from the Besal, not even jeeps can go there. The initial 4 hrs are the toughest as it involves steep climbing. There are some flat valleys and very beautiful views on the way.

The lake water is of greenish blue color and is always icy cold.In summers the water gives mirror like reflection which is worth watching. It is not recommended to track here in snow due to high chances of avalanches.

The lake was a fishermen’s paradise but illegal fishing has reduced the number of fish drastically. The lake is not visited by a large number of people because of the hard hiking trek. But this has kept it s natural beauty quite entact. The Government of Pakistan is trying to build new roads to increase accessibility to this lake.

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