EDHI Foundation – A ray of Hope

Edhi-Abdul-Sattar of Pakistan

The Edhi Foundation was founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi. It is the largest charitable organization in Pakistan.

Edhi has always been committed to help the poor and the needy. He started the Edhi Foundation from a small room which has now turned into a network spread to every nook and corner of Pakistan. Edhi is aided by his wife Bilquees Edhi and children.

The Edhi foundation runs eight hospitals which provide free medical care. It provides emergency assistance and free medical aid to accident and calamity victims. Edhi also has the largest ambulance service in the world. Where ever there is trouble the Edhi workers reach the spot. Edhi foundation also runs air ambulance service to provide immediate relief to far flung areas. Edhi foundation also buries unclaimed bodies and gives shelter to abandoned babies and destitute and abused women. An orphanage, mental asylum and old people’s home are looked after by the foundation as well.

An interesting thing to note is that the foundation does not take any grant or aid from the government. It is run wholly and solely on people’s generosity. Due to his life long service of his human fellows, Edhi is respected like none other in Pakistan.

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