Lakes of Pakistan – Haleji Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Haleji Lake - Thatta, Sindh

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Thatta district,70 km from Karachi Largest water fowlReserve and bird sanctuary in Asia 2km 2km 4sq. km Fresh 250 m River Sindh

This remarkable lake is located in Thatta district,52 miles from Karachi. It is a treat for the eyes for people travelling through Pakistan. Originally, it was very small but during the world war-II in the British Raj. The government of Sindh decided to expand its capacity by making a feeder canal from River Sindh. The construction was done on urgent basis. Thousands of British and American army troops were stationed in Karachi and needed drinking water. The lake is a big source of water for Karachi ever since.

Haleji lake is the largest bird sanctuary in whole of Asia. Every year thousands of water birds migrate to this lake from as far as Siberia. These birds include Black Coot, European Wigeon and Dalmatian Pelican etc. More than 223 species of birds have been in the environs of this beautiful lake. For example, Palla’s fish eagle, Teals, Harriers, Heron, Pintail, Falcons, Coot, Shoveller, Teals, Jacana, Flamingos and Buzzards. Even the Be wicks swans have been seen on this lake enhancing the beauty of this great lake.

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