Heritage and culture of Pakistan: Popular Handicrafts of Pakistan

by on November 30, 2011
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Culture and heritage of Pakistan

The diverse culture of Pakistan is reflected from its handicrafts. Pakistani handicrafts are known all over the world for their exquisiteness. Pakistani shawls, dresses, caps, decoration pieces, baskets, cooking utensils, hand bags, jewellery and mats etc are very popular among locals and foreigners. Intricate patterns in beautiful colors are quite eye catching and attractive.

The handicrafts of each region of Pakistan are different reflecting its tradition and timeless beauty. Sindh province is known for its ajrak; a graceful block printed shawl and a symbol of Sindh. Other fabrics originated from Sindh are susi and khadi. Sindhi caps are well known too as are the beautiful blue colored tiles and the earthenware. Rilli a bedspread made from small pieces of cloths stitched together artistically and is found in Sindh only.

Punjab has always been the seat of culture. Multan the City of Saints is quite famous for its embroidered clothes and shoes. Pottery of Multan is also famous. Chiniot is known for its furniture while the handicrafts of Sadiqabad are popular too. Camel skin lamps, brass and wooden handicrafts, glazed pottery and hand woven carpets of Punjab are some sought after handicrafts.

The province of Balochistan is known for its leatherwork, goat and sheepskin jackets and mats. Balochi embroidery is also famous. Marble work of this area is also known.

Copper and brassware of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is favorite among foreigners and locals. The beautiful embroidery of different regions and sandals from Peshawar are very much in demand too.

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