Industries in Pakistan

Cotton industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is basically an agricultural country. However it is gradually progressing towards industrialization. An industry needs a number of inputs like finance, raw materials and labor. It also needs competent people to run it. Luckily, Pakistan has many talented and educated people who are capable of running the industries. The government provides finances and has also invited foreign investors to invest money in the industries.

Pakistan has an abundance of raw materials. Industries are mostly set up in areas where raw material is easily available. Industries provide employment to people as well. Labor both skilled and unskilled is easily available.

Besides large industries cottage and small scale industries also exist. Handicrafts, sports goods, cutlery are made in these industries. It is interesting to note that all industries in Pakistan are based on agricultural produces. Pakistan does have some mineral resources available in the country too. Any industry which does not directly rely on agricultural produces in Pakistan needs minerals as raw material. Also, like most of the other developing countries industries in Pakistan have grown at a fast pace in recent decades. This is especially true for the few recent years. Population pressure automatically pushes densely populated countries towards industrialization. This is what has happened in case of Pakistan too. 

Some large scale industries are:

1. Cotton Industry
2. Sugar Industry
3. Cement Industry
4. Steel Industry
5. Textile Industry

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