Lakes of Pakistan – Kallar Kahar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Kallar Kahar Lake - Chakwal

Location Water
25km southwest of Chakwal , Punjab 

125km from Rawalpindi


On the motorway near the shrine of Saidan Shah Kallar Kahar lake is situated.  It is a beautiful lake. The main attraction of this area is the lake with beautiful natural gardens, boating and the shrine of Abdul Qadir Gilani. There is also a  hindu temple of Shiva at Katas which is as old as 10 th century AD and there are other temples around it. The historical importance of this temple complex and the architects of these buildings are worth watching. The TDCP has built a restaurant and a small motel on the lake attracting tourists. Hundreds of people visit this lake every day and enjoy here with their friends and families. There are boats available on the lake that can be rented and for refreshments there are lots of choices. The traffic on this lake increased with the construction of the motorway in 1997. People traveling from one city to the other make this a nice stop over.

There is also a Cadet college made in 1998 near this lake called Cadet College Kallar Kahar providing medical engineering and cadet courses. There is also a degree college for Mines diploma in the area.

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