Kallar Kahar

kalar-Kahar Pakistan

Kallar Kahar is a beautiful tourist destination in the Chakwal District Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated 125 km away from Rawalpindi at a height of 4,500 feet. It is a spectacular place with beautiful gardens, peacocks and a salty lake. A spring in the middle of the village adds to the charm of the place and also supplies water to the residents. There are fruit orchards around the spring.

The lake is situated a little distance from the spring. It is a home of many resident ducks and migratory birds from the northern areas. At the top of a hill is the shrine of a saint. Near the shrine are hundreds of peacocks which are well taken care of by the devotees. A belief that anyone who harms them will go blind is the reason for their survival.

Kallar Kahar has historic importance as well. Mughal Emperor Babar stopped at Kallar Kahar on his way to Delhi from Kabul. He was so impressed by the beauty of this place that he mentioned it in his autobiography. The ruins of an old fort and a temple of the Hindu God Shiva built in the 10th century are located at Katas near Kallar Kahar.

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