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Khewra salt mines are located in the Jhelum district of Punjab, Pakistan some 160 km from Islamabad. They are the 2nd largest salt mines in the world and the oldest in South Asia. The Khewra Salt Mines date back to 326 B.C. The salt mines were named Khewra by the Sikhs after they took over Punjab from the Mughals.

Khewra Salt Mines are 350meters above the sea level and are 750 meters deep into the mountains. The annual output is 325,000 per annum.

Khewra Salt Mines were developed as a tourist spot and has an estimate of 35000 to 40000 visitors annually. The main terminal of the mine is decorated with electric bulbs. When these bulbs are lit, the salt crystals reflect light and give the effect of hundreds of glittering stars. There is a beautiful mosque made of salt bricks called the Badshahi Mosque. Many other famous monuments like The Great Wall of China, Minar i Pakistan, Sheesh Mahal, Shimla Hills and The Mall are replicated in salt bricks. Light bulbs are placed in the spaces between the bricks. The salt bricks give off white, red and pink colors when lit.

An electric railway also operates within the mines. It carries visitors from the main gate to a distance of 500m within the mine. There is a fully operational Post Office too.

Another awesome sight is the rock crystal formation. A hospital has also been opened within the mines were allergies and asthma are treated.

Khewra Salt Mines are a fascinating place to visit. Make sure to visit this wonderful place next time you visit Punjab Province.

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