Kot Dijji Fort


The Kot Dijji Fort is located in the town of Kot Dijji in Khairpur District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.  It was constructed on the orders of Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur. The fort is located at the edge of the Nara-Rajasthan desert and in a way is protected by the desert from that side. Kot Diji fort is very beautiful.

The fort is well designed, planned and constructed. The main entrance has three levels all of which are protected by “elephant proof” gates. These gates have heavy iron spikes jutting out on them. Other tactics such as arrow slits in the walls and the bastions were also used to protect the fort against invasions making the fort practically invincible. The fort had many cannon stations to attack the enemy. The elevation and position of the fort ensured that the enemy cannons never hit the fort. The fort was however never attacked.

The fort served as a royal residence of the Ameers (rulers) of Khairpur. The fort is built on a limestone hill around 110 feet high. Kiln baked bricks were used in its construction.

The impressive structure of Kot Dijji still stands today and is a major tourist attraction of Khairpur.

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