Lahore – The GEM of Pakistan

by on December 12, 2009
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Two sentences that introduce Lahore in the true sense are: “Lahore Lahore hai” (Lahore is unmatched) and “Jis ne Lahore nh dekha wo paida nh howa” (The one who has not visited Lahore is as good as an unborn). That’s how passionately people feel of Lahore as a city.

Lahore the historic city is the gem of Pakistan. It is the capital city of the province of Punjab. It is a city of contrasts. On one end of the city you can still see the narrow alleys, old buildings with vestige of grandeur stand to tell the tale of past glory. On the other end tall high rises boast of the fast pace modernization.

Lahore has Shalimar Gardens, Red Fort, Jahangir’s tomb and many other buildings of the Mughal era. It also has some of the oldest educational institutes of Pakistan namely the King Edward Medical College and The Punjab University. Other places worth visiting in Lahore are Museum, Minar e Pakistan, Jallo Park and the zoo. The shrine of Data Ganj Bakash attracts devotes all through the year. The food street of Lahore deserves special mention. Lahore is a foodie’s paradise. Delicious mouth watering food is available 24/7.

Lahore is the abode of film stars and singers. It is also the front runner of fashion houses. Most areas of the city are clean with wide roads and plenty of greenery. Lahore is the city of lively people.

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