Lakes of Pakistan – Lulusar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Lulusar Lake - Naran Valley

Location Elevation Outflow
48km from Naran Valley 


3,410 m 

11,200 ft



Lulusar is a mountains group close to Naran valley which is popular for the great lake. In Pashto language ‘Sar’ means peak. This lake is bigger than the other lakes around the area and is on a very great height.

The lake is the major source of water of the River Kunhar that joins River Jhelum after passing through the entire Kaghan Valley. Lulusar has historical importance because of the 55 war participants in 1857 were arrested here.

This lake has snow capped mountains surrounding it and the view is full of natural beauty. In summers the lake water reflects like a mirror and attracts lots of international and local tourists. You have to hire a jeep from Naran to visit the lake. It takes around 4-5 hours from Naran to reach Lulusar via Basel. One should leave early morning form Naran so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and a nice sunset at the lake.A road is also constructed to connect Naran to Chilas and this road goes to Babusar pass as well.

Lulusar Lake has fresh blue water with beautiful and colorful wild flowers around it and the stay is ever memorizing.

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