Lakes of Pakistan – Baghsar Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Baghsar Lake - Samahni Valley, Kashmir

Location Elevation Max. length
Samahni ValleyMirpur District 975 mabove sea level 0.5 miles0.80 km

This lake is situated in the Mirpur District over looking Bandala Village. It’s a very popular among the tourists. It  roughly has around half a kilometer of length.

Hundreds of resident and migrating water birds inhabit this lake. These birds include a huge number of ducks and Geese. The surroundings of the lake are covered with Pine and Cheerh trees. Water lilies are in abundance in this lake which give a picture of a  fairyland .

There is a famous historical fort called Moghul Fort overlooking the Baghsar Lake from top of the hill. It was built in the times of Ahmed Shah Abdali, Gulab Singh and Ranjit Singh. The great Mughal King Jahangir was passing through this area to go to the Kashmir Valley, when he fell ill and died in this historical fort. This lake is a very famous tourist spot in the region. It is accessible most part of the year and it offers such a beautiful view to the visitors that a lot of tourists from within Pakistan visit this lake every year. There are many tourists from outside Pakistan too who visit this lake.

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