Lakes of Pakistan – Borith Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Borith Lake - Hunza, Northern Areas

Location Surface Elevation Water type
Upper Hunza 2,600 m 

8,500 ft


This lake is situated in the Northern part of Pakistan. Borith is a hamlet around the lake to the north west side of a village near Gulmit called Hussaini, located in the upper Hunza valley.

This lake is located about two kilometers to the north of Ghuylkin. It possess saline water with an elevation of about 8,200 feet. To reach to this lake jeeps have to be hired. The route taken from the Hussaini village to the Ghuylkin is approximately 2 kilometers long. If you want to take a treking route, the distance is covered in almost 2-3 hours directly from Ghuylkin across the end of Ghuylkin Glacier. It is an important bird santuary of wildfowl so if you like bird watching this is a nice route to take. Large number of ducks also arrive here from the warmer, southern part of the country. The best time to visit this area would be March to June. The birds migrate to this area to the cooler waters and in the winters they move back to the southern areas. One more hour walk and you will reach the Ghuylkin Glacier and if you follow the treking route Borith lake will be reached.

A relatively longer trekking route can be taken if you like to visit the Passu Gar Glacier by continuing the journey south ways from Borith lake.

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