Lakes of Pakistan – Hadero Lake

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Lakes in Sindh- Hadero Lake

Location Water type Surface Area
Thatta, Sindh Brackish 1,321 Hectares 

5 sq.miles

This is an important brackish water lake situated in District Thatta of Sindh.It is at a distance of about 85 kilometers from Karachi. In 1977 this lake was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of Sind, to protect and conserve wild life in and around the place. It is a beautiful tourist attraction of the region.

Initially the local fishermen were allowed to catch fish from the lake,because it was there livelihood. But they were not allowed to disturb the birds in any way. These strict rules to protect the birds have moved their number to a fairly large scale. The lake is the property of the Government of Pakistan and initially shooting was also allowed but then in 1971 it was forbidden. The Department of Wildlife Sindh has employed special staff for regular monitoring of this important santuary and these employees are given quarters to live near the lake.

Orionthologists love this lake because of the presence of so mant species of birds. This lake is home to variety of migrating and resident birds like Swans, Qual Wigeon, Spoon bill, Osprey,Common Teal, White-eyed Bazzard, Storks, Pelicans, Black headed Gull, Curlew,Common Crane, Avocet, Grey Partridge etc

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