Lakes of Pakistan – Karomber Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Karambar Lake - Ishkoman Valley

Location Height Length Width Average 


Altitute Connecting River
Ishkoman Valley

Northern Areas

4,272 m 3.9km 

2 miles

2km 52 m 

171 ft

4,300 m 

above sea level

Karambar River

It is the 31 st highest lake in the world and is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan in the Ishkoman Valley. This high altitute lake is the only lake of the world situated at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level and still have bodies in it which are biologically active. This is due to the reason that the lake water comes from melting snow form the moutains around it and there are aprings feeding this which are present in and around the lake.

Karamber pass is a high mountain pass with a height of 14,250 ft, connecting Yaskun River valley in Chitral to Karomber river valley in Ishkoman. This pass is about one mile away from the Karomber lake and two miles away on the south from Dupsuk Peak which is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. River Karomber flows out of the Karomber lake and joins River Ghizar which then flows into River Gilgit.

This beautiful lake is located on the border of Chitral and Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan.  The lake is 4,300 m above sea level and it s beauty is captivating. The presence of reddish wild flowers in the summers around this lake adds up to its charm.

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