Lakes of Pakistan – Khabikki Lake

by on December 6, 2010
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Lakes in Pakistan- Khabikki Lake - Salt Range

Location Water type Max. Length Max. Width
Southern Salt ange Salt water 3 km 1 km

This lake is situated in the Southern Salt Range area and has salt water. It was formed because of the absence of drains in the salt range. The water was brackish but now it has eventually become sweet and fish of chinese breed is living in it. Many migrating birds come to this lake from far away places. Bird watchers can enjoy siting here for hours. The sunset and sunrise are the most memorable times to be around the lake.

This name is given to this lake because of its neighbouring village. On the right side of the lake is a small hill with greenery and beautiful trees. There are mountains on the other sides and the whole area gives a beautiful picture of Allah’s glory. Boating facilities are also provided for the visitors. And there also is a rest house near the lake in case some one want to stay for a few days. When rain falls in the area this lake really looks like a heavenly place. In summers the trees and plants around the lake add up to its beauty. For local people this lake is a life line because  no canal system  is  avilable in this hilly area.

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