Lakes of Pakistan – Namal Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Namal Lake - Mianwali

Location Surface Area
Namal Valley 



This name was given to the lake by the locals. It is a mixture of two Punjabi words ‘Na’ meaning No and ‘Mul’ meaning Price. That means ‘Anmool’ in Urdu and ‘Priceless’ in English. Namal Dam was constructed on this lake in 1913, which is located around 32 kilometers from the city of Mianwali, Punjab. Residents of Mianwali had inadequate supply of drinking and irrigating water and to meet their needs British engineers constructed this dam. Then with the new That Canal and many tubewells installed in the area it s usage was shrunken down. Mountains are on the south and the west side of the Dam and on the other two sides are the vast agricultural lands.

The gates of the dam are repaired by the irrigation department regularly but without enthusiasm. The hill torrents and rains fill the Namal Lake round the year. Due to a drought-like situation in the country, this lake dried up last year, which is the first incident of its kind during the last 100 years. Presently, its condition is very bad

The gates of the Namal Dam are regularly repaired by the Department of Irrigation. Rains and hill torrents have been bringing in water to the lake for years. The condition of this lake was not very good last year because it got dried up.

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