Lakes of Pakistan – Paya Lake and Siri Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Payee Lake - Kaghan Valley

Location Surface Elevation

Kaghan Valley


10,000 ft

This is a beautiful lake is located in the Kaghan valley near the popular tourists place Shogran. The lake is surrounded by mighty mountains like Makra Peak, Moosa da Musalla, and mountains of Kaghan valley.

The road to this lake is very steep and dangerous therefore, from the Shogran one has to   hire a jeep to get to this lake. The lake is accessible via Kiwai and the view throughout the way is spectacular and despite the slippery path one enjoys the trip to full. Only one jeep can pass through this muddy road and the drivers are quite trained. Most of the year time the peak is covered with snow and is accessible only in summers.

This lake is associated with Siri Lake. A stamp has also been issued on the Payee lake. Siri lake is located close to Paya lake. a jeep track takes the tourists from Shogran to Siri and Paya. These lakes have a strange folklore associated with their origin. Along with the beauty of these lakes this folklore, about their origin which says that a respected old sufi threw head (siri) and feet (paya) of the goat he sacrificed on two different places to give birth to these lakes, is another reason of popularity of these lakes. Travel through Kaghan valley to visit the beauty of these two lakes.

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