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Lakes in Pakistan- Rama Lake - Astore Valley

Location Elevation
9 km from Astore valley, 




Rama Valley is nearly 3300 m above sea level. In winters the valley is covered with snow for more than seven months each year but in summers it is filled with greenery everywhere. There are thick forests with trees like pine, fir, juniper and cedar.

On the way to Rama Lake there comes Astore villages. From there it’s a 2-3 hours drive to the lake. Astore has been upgraded to a district of Gilgit Baltistan since 2005. There are around 50 small villages in Astore out of which Chilm is the most beautiful. It is the strating point of Deosai ( 2nd highest plane of the world). This lake is located in choungrah where the locals are called Chougroch.

Camping is very popular in summer season in this area and the road to the lake is quite well maintained. Tourists really enjoy  the drive and stay in the valley due to the captivating scenery all around. PTDC has also established a nice motel on the lake and many families stay there and witness the beautiful sunset and sunrise for many days. Trekers and Hikers also get lots of routes and jeep safari is also enjoyable. The mountaineers wishing to explore the mighty heights of the great Nanga Parbat camp on the lake and then move forward. Rama lake is surely a heavely place to visit.

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