Lakes of Pakistan – Rush Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Rush Lake - Nagar Valley

Location Water Type Outflows Surface 


Nagar Valley 

15 km from Miar Peak

Glacial Miar 


15,400 ft 


In the northern areas of Pakistan there are many spectacular lakes, one of which is Lake Rush. This lake is one of the world’s highest alpine lake. Few kilometers away are the Spantik or the Golden Peak and the Miar Peak. It is a high altitute lake and is located very close to the Rush Pari Peak which is 5,098 meters high. The Rush Peak is a good spot for mountaineers without much training because it is easy to climb in summers as compared to other mountains. But in winters climbing becomes much difficult due to heavy snow fall.

If you want to reach this lake you can either take the route via Hopar and Nagar or via Hopar Glacier  commonly known as Bualtar Glacier and the Miar Glacier. The journey to this lake is full of amazingly beautiful views. You will see Malubiting, Phuparash Peak, Ultar Sar and Spantik on the trek to Rush lake.

The lake is covered with snow in winters but in summers the lake is surrounded by lush green grass with beautiful flower trees. People do lots of fishing here. Muskie is one of the common fish in the lake. Tourists also do camping in summers and even play golf in the gardens around this beautiful lake.

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