Lakes of Pakistan – Satpara Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Satpara Lake - Skardu Valley

Location Elevation Water type Area
Skardu Valley, 



8,650 ft above sea level

Fresh 2.5 sq. km

This is a very important lake of Skardu Valley. First of all because, it is a major resource of water to the town and secondly it is one of the most heavenly beatiful lake of Pakistan. It is also one of the largest fresh water lake in the country. Lake is home to large number of fish which encourages fishing in the lake.  Activities like Boating and Rowing are also part of it s attractions for the tourists. A nice motel is also built on the lake by PTDC giving a captivating scenery for its guests.  It is around 9 km from Skardu and takes around 20 minutes on a jeep. If you want to visit world’s 2nd largest plateau i.e. Deosai Plain, it is only an hours drive from here.

The Pakistani Government announced in 2002 that a dam will be made on Satpara Lake. An amount of Rs. 600 million were allocated in 2004 for the project, but due to changes in the governments the project didn’t gain much pace.

Locals of this area think that in the bottom of this lake there is a gold mine because of which the water shines brightly in the day time.

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