Lakes of Pakistan – Simli Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Simli Lake - Islamabad

Location Water Importance
30 km fromIslamabad Drinking water Simli Dam

This lake is about 15 minutes drive towards Murree from the Convention Centre and is about 19 miles from Islamabad. It formed with the water coming down from the melting snow of the Murree hills.

Simli Dam is built on the lake, which is 80 meters high and is on the River Soan. It is 30 kilometres away from the twin cities. The water in the dam is the biggest resource of drinking water for the inhabitants of the capital city, Islamabad. The CDA (Capital Development Authority) has constructed a cozy rest house in Simli Dam. But you need to have the permission from the CDA head office in Islamabad. About 100 m before the dam, a road goes to Patriata – Gulahrra Gali. Around this road are the two small cities named Bun and Crore. These cities are under Murree Kahuta Development Authority.

Boating and Fishing are the main attractions of the lake, but you need the permission from the CDA head office located in Islamabad.

Simli Lake and Dam is both a huge drinking water resource and a nice recreational place. Located near the capital city of Pakistan, it is one beautiful valley. The lake itself is very beautiful.

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