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Lakes in Pakistan- Subri Lake - Muzaffarabad

Location Birth
Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir 1975

This lake is also called Langarpura Lake. It is located  near Muzzafarabad, the capital city of Azad Kashmir. This beautiful city is located at the confluence of the two rivers namely Neelum and Jhelum between the majestic mountains. River Jhelum passes from East to West joining River Neelum at Domel in Muzaffarabad. The combining of the two waters with moutains on the sides looks appealing even without actual visit.

The Upper Jhelum valley is another beautiful area near Muzafarabad. The road under the Domel bridge will take you to the old way to Srinagar. It’s a broad valley above the river. About 10 kilometers from here, the curling  river widens to form a small lake called the Subri( Langarpura) Lake. Maize and Rice fields surround the area. This lake was formed due to the landsliding. In 1975 a cloud burst over the nearby hill and this lake came into existence. There is a small Ansler’s Hut beside the lake to attract tourists. Further on this road is Ghari Dupata, it’s a small town which is another place worth visiting.

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