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by on December 9, 2010
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Ucchali Lake Pakistan

Birth Location Water Area
400 yrs back Salt range Saltish 800m abovesea level

On the south of salt range in the Soan Sakaser valley, in its higher cliffs are three very beautiful and attractive lakes. One of them is Ucchali lake which is surrounded by a vast cultivated land and vegetation and provide a worth watching scene. The lake originated due to no drainage in the salt range. It gets water mainly in spring with the seeping water from the salt ranges and drains from the near by area. The water is saline and saltish.

The rare bird called Oxyura Leucocephala which is a white headed bird migrates here in winters from Central Asia.

The lake water is believed to have cure for many skin diseases and gout. Locals also believe that there is a volcano underneath the lake due to which the color of its water keeps on changing. The highest peak of the salt range having 4993 ft looms over Ucchali lake. Though the saline water makes this a lifeless lake yet its scenic beauty and locals beliefs about its curing qualities attract quite a number of tourists. They can also enjoy boating as boats are available on the lake.

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