Mosque of Pakistan – Kot Fateh Mosque

Kot Fateh Mosque of Pakistan

Kot Fateh Mosque is located in village Kot Fateh Khan in Fateh Jang Tehsil. The main highlight of this village is the Kot Fateh Mosque.

The Kot Fateh Mosque was built in 1890 by Sardar Fateh Khan a prominent personality of the area. This mosque is a masterpiece of architecture and is known for its beautiful masonry. Attock was the pinnacle of arts and crafts of that time and Sardar Fateh Khan especially engaged masons from Attock who excelled in making impressive buildings. The mosque was built along the lines of Jamia Masjid in Wah. The Kot Fateh Mosque is rectangular in shape and has three domes and two minarets. A unique feature of the mosque is a small jharoka at the main gate. The interior of the mosque is decorated with paintings while stuccowork adorns the exterior.

The whole mosque is tastefully decorated with arches, paintings, rosettes, floral and geometric patterns and exquisite glass work. This mosque is considered as one of the most beautiful and attractive mosques in the world. In the local region, it is considered as a display of local architecture. A lot of people visit this mosque not only for praying but also for the experiencing the beauty it presents.

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