Mosque of Pakistan-Maryam Zamani Mosque


The Rajput Princess Rajkumari Hira Kunwari came to be known as Maryam Zamani Begum after her marriage to the Moghul Emperor Akbar. She was also the mother of Jahangir; the heir to the Moghul throne.

This mosque was built in the 16th century under the patronage of Emperor Jahangir and his mother Maryam Zamani. This mosque is the oldest surviving mosque of the Moghul era. The Maryam Zamani mosque is said to be among the most beautiful Moghul structures. The beautiful contrasting colors, the stunning frescoes and the decorated arches are extremely impressive and speak volumes of the taste and aesthetics of the builder. Throughout the interior you will see floral and geometrical patterns in rich colors which together with the crowned double domed prayer chamber are the most striking features of the mosque. Quranic and non Quranic inscriptions can also be seen inside the Maryam Zamani Mosque.

The mosque lies in the old part of Lahore and is situated in front of the Masjidi Gate (commonly called the Masti Gate) of the Lahore Fort. Like many other mosques in Pakistan, Maryam Zamani mosque is also very beautiful with its wonderful displays of Islamic calligraphy arts. A lot of people visit this mosque for the beauty it has.

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