Mosque of Pakistan-The Mohabbat Khan Mosque

Mohabbat Khan mosque of Pakistan

The Mahabbat Khan Masjid was constructed in the 17th century in the city pf Peshawar by Nawab Mohabat Khan the governor of Peshawar during the rule of Moghul Emperors Shah Jehan and his son Aurangzeb.

The Mahabbat Khan Mosque is located in the old part of Peshawar popularly known as the Andar Sheher (Inner City). The architecture is rather conventional with large domes, tall minarets, spacious courtyard featuring an ablution pond in the centre and small rooms on the sides. The beauty of the main prayer hall will take your breath away. It is tastefully adorned with colorful geometric and floral patterns. The main prayer hall lies beneath three fluted domes. The interior of the mosque is replete with murals, floral designs, motifs and Quranic inscriptions in various colors.

The mosque was almost destroyed by a fire which broke out in 1895 but the incessant efforts and spirit of the faithfuls saved the structure. The mosque is a must see place if you are visiting Peshawar. It can be said with some degree of confidence that this mosque is among one of the most beautiful mosques one can find in Pakistan. It is simple and peaceful, and yet beautiful in its own special way.

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