Mosques of Pakistan-The Wazir Khan Mosque

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

The Wazir Khan Mosque is a masterpiece of Moghul architecture. It was built over a period of seven years during the reign of Shah Jehan by the governor of Lahore Shaikh Ilum uddin Ansari commonly known as Wazir Khan. The mosque is known for its outstanding tile work and for its beauty and magnificence is referred to as the “Mole on the Cheek of Lahore”.

This square shaped mosque is situated in the old part of the city of Lahore. The exterior as well as the interior of the mosque is extensively covered with colorful mosaic with intricate patterns. Square tiles have not been used but each piece as been molded to fit the desired shape. Inscriptions from the Quran can also be seen throughout the mosque. The minarets at the corner of the mosque are 100 feet high and seem to stretch out towards the sky.

There is a marble fountain in the middle of a large courtyard. On the northern, eastern and southern sides of the courtyard are 32 hujras (meditation rooms).

Masjid Wazir Khan is a fine blend of the Islamic and Moghul architecture. To truly appreciate its beauty, one has to see it as words often fail to do justice.

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