Most visited places of Pakistan

Data Darbar in Lahore

The Northern areas of Pakistan are by far the most visited places of the country. The tourists both foreign and local prefer the Northern areas because of the scenic beauty of the place. The lush green valleys, lofty mountains, bubbling springs, sparkling waterfalls and the pleasant climate of the place are some features which draw the tourists to the northern areas. The valleys of Swat, Naran, Kaghan, Kalam, Chitral, Hunza, and Skardu are crowded with tourists in the summer. Mountaineers usually flock to Hunza, Chitral and Skardu because they are situated nearer to the mountain ranges. Some other spots in various cities which draw crowds are:

1. Mazaar-e-Quaid

The mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah is situated in Karachi and it is visited by people throughout the year. On weekends and public holidays it’s simply crowded with visitors. The mausoleum is surrounded by a big beautiful garden.

2. Data Darbaar The Data Durbar is in Lahore. It is the shrine of the saint Hazrat Data Ganj Bakash. Every day hundreds of people come here to pay their homage to the reverend saint. It is the most visited shrine in Pakistan. Other popular places among visitors in Lahore are the gardens and other buildings of the Mughal era. The archaeological sites of the Buddhist Civilization in Taxila and its adjoining areas attract a lot of tourists. The sites are well preserved.

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