Salt Range of Pakistan

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Salt Range of Pakistan

This is a range of mountains in Punjab and as the name tells is rich in rock salt. It extends from River Jhelum to River Indus across the northern side of Punjab. The range has great mines of Kewra, Kalabagh, Mayo and Warcha yielding huge supplies of salt and medium quality coal as well.

There are two famous sites namely Kutte Mar and Tulaja Fort. The area of Kutte Mar has a history of being a centre of Buddhism and has extensive remains related to archeological importance. There are no drains in the area and the leakages for the range have created several lakes with salty water. There are two important lakes in the area which are Uchhali and khabikki lake. The highest peaks of this range are Sakaser and Tilla Jogian. Sakaser is located in Pothohar from where the Soan Sakaser valley starts. It is in the Khushab district. The valley is about 47 miles in length and 12 miles in width.The Tulaja fort is on a huge rock overlooking the Plains of Punjab and the shrine of Kacchianwalla.

Fact sheet of Salt Range in Pakistan
No. Names of Imp. Peaks of Salt Range Height of Salt Range Peaks (m) Location of Salt Range Peaks
1 Sakaser 1,522 Pothohar
2 Tilli Jogia 975 95 km west of Jehlum city
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