Muzzafarabad Fort

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Muzzafarabad Fort of Pakistan

There are two beautiful and historic forts in Muzzafarabad; the Red Fort and the Black Fort. Both of them are popular tourist spots in Muzzafarabad.

The Red Fort

The Red Fort in the Muzzafarabad city of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan is an ancient fort. The Chuk rulers started its construction primarily to save the territory from invaders. The fort was finally completed in 1646 during the time of Sultan Muzzafar Khan who is also the founder of present day Muzzafarabad.

The Red Fort was a specimen of great architectural expertise. It was surrounded by Neelum River on three sides and was constructed in such a way that it remained safe even when the river flooded. A flight of steps led down to the river on the Northern side and this side was a bit vulnerable to flood waters. An inn was constructed at the entrance of the fort.

This beautiful monument was damaged by the earthquake which hit the area in 2005.

The Black Fort

Little is known about the Black Fort located in Muzzafarabad except that it was built by the Moghuls above the river junction. At present the fort is under the use of the army and people are strictly prohibited to enter it.

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