Pakistan music: Top Ten Tabla Nawaz of Pakistan

by on November 30, 2011
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Ustaad Shaukat Hussain

The name of Mian Qadir Baksh tops the list of the big names of tabla players in Pakistan. He is known throughout the world for his skill and mastery of tabla. He was the head of the Punjab Gharana and a teacher of many tabla nawaz who gained international recognition.

After the death of Mian Qadir Baksh his adopted son Khalifa Akhtar Hussain Khan who was also his nephew vowed to continue this art. Akhtar Hussain Khan was the last khalifa or head of the Punjab gharana.

Ustad Altaf Hussain alias Tafo was one of the most revered names in the world of classical music. Belonging to the Punjab gharana he mastered the “ten finger style” created by the Guru of the art of tabla playing Ustad Ghulam Hussain Khan Jullandhari.

Ustad Bashir Hussain Goga and Ustad Bashir Khan are two other talented tabla nawaz from Pakistan belonging to the Punjab gharana.

Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan belonged to the Delhi and Punjab gharana and has given many memorable solo performances and has with other musicians as well.

Ustad Faryad Hussain “Bhulli” Khan also adopted the Punjab gharana style of playing. He taught the art of tabla playing to many aspiring students.

Ustad Abdul Sattar “Tari” Khan is known as the Prince of Tabla of Pakistan. He is a disciple of Ustad Shaukat Hussain.

Ustad Younas Khan Joona is known as the legend of tabla in Pakistan. He was known and respected in the music circles of Lahore where classical music was played and understood.

Kamran Serosh is one of the emerging tabla nawaz of Pakistan. Hailing from Lahore, he is the student of Ustad Faryad Hussain Khan.

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  1. Shairi Bakhshi says:

    Ustad Mohammad Ajmal Khan (Pride of perfomance)
    Ustad Shabbir hussain Jhari (Pride of perfomance)

    You should these two names as well. they both are disciple of Ustad Mian Shaukat Hussain and pride of our Pakistan.

  2. i want to know contact details of ustad younas khan alias joona ustad. if any one can help in this regard and give further detail of his ustaad and talleem.Also want to know if any family or member of some family who learnt under ustaad mira baksh gilwalia or ustaad alla ditta bihari puria. I am in India and have a craze for repertory of punjab

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