Pakistan – My Home

Pakistan - My Home

Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947. To me, the most important thing about Pakistan is, its HOME. I am a born and bred Pakistani. To me this 6th most populous country of the world means my values, rituals, my kids, my husband, my childhood, my education, and my family…MY WORLD!

Pakistan is located in Indo-Pak subcontinent and is basically an agrarian country. We are now moving from a country with only primary occupations constituting a huge part of the GDP to one where services/tertiary economic activities are growingly adding their revenue share to the GDP.

Living in Pakistan is an experience in itself. We are a nation where family units still matter; elders are respected for their age and experience; and people still worry about whether national side loses a cricket match! Yet, on the other hand, my homeland is considered unsafe due to recent global terrorism upheavals. However, I am confident that we Pakistanis never give up. We have gone through this tough time with a smile on our faces. We are bearing the racial discrimination on the basis of religion still you will not find us without hope. We are a strong nation and that is what we are proud about.

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Mrs. N. Sarfraz

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