Pakistani Actress-Bindiya


Bindiya is a popular Pakistani actress. She started her career in the 80’s. She first appeared on screen as an English news caster. Later on , she did commercials and television plays. Bindiya then stepped into the world of films and since then, never looked back.

She did great films like Begum Jan, Yadon ki Barat,Yadona Dolai, Nazrana and Bara Admi. Her film Bara Admi, in which she worked with the great legend Mohammad Ali, became a super hit. The actress Bindiya had worked in many movies.

Career as a singer

Bindiya is also a singer. She is a bold and a brave woman. At the peak of her acting career and success, she got married, left industry and went to America. But sadly her marriage ended into a divorce. She stayed in America, with her son, for 14 years.  While in America, she remarried but soon ended that as well. The reason was that her husband was alcoholic.

After 14 years, Bindiya decided to return to Pakistani media industry and thus she came back to Pakistan. She did her first drama Sitaray after 14 years, from PTV. Bindiya is pursuing her singing career along with acting also. Bindiya is not only a great actress, but also a great human being. She is very honest and a simple person but she is a sturdy person. Recently she has been associated with the famous “Taakey ki aye ge baraat” series.

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